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Meet The Kenyan Jack Daniel’s Brand Ambassador Finalists


American whiskey brand Jack Daniel’s had shortlisted the three finalists in their search for a Kenyan Brand Ambassador. The campaign had received over 2000 applicants before narrowing down to 3 finalists. People were voting for their favourite gentleman to represent the brand and voting ended on the 31st of July. Even as we wait to find out who won we interviewed the 3 men who were the finalists for the Gentlemen Wanted campaign.


Blessing Lungaho



Please tell us something about yourself?

My name is Blessing Lungaho, a 29 years young accountant by training and an actor by trade. I got into the acting industry by accident in 2012 when a casting agent called Nguta stopped me on the street on my way to work, although I had been a thespian since kindergarten (I played a goat in a church Christmas nativity play at age 4). That day was the spark that pushed me to pick passion over survival and that road led me to a Hollywood set in Rome 4 years later in November. So, you could say I consider myself a passionate dream chaser who enjoys listening to music, travel and spending time with friends. I am quite a funny and fun person to be around.


What will your main responsibilities be as the Brand Ambassador?

My responsibilities as the brand ambassador will be to represent the brand to the consumers in order to create more awareness. I have enjoyed Jack Daniels with my friends for quite a while now and it would be a genuine pleasure of mine to share the same experiences with other whiskey lovers, also to create sales opportunities and build customers preference for Jack Daniels family of brands. I believe there is something for everyone in the Jack Daniels family of brands. As the brand ambassador, it would be my duty to make the consumers aware of this and how to best enjoy this diversity in taste and flavors. The Brand Ambassador, also embodies the Jack Daniels corporate mission. As an actor, our mantra states “you are only as good as your last job” which translates to “if you won’t give 120% don’t come to work.” The Jack Daniels corporate statement reads something similar “every day we make it we make it the very best!” It will be my responsibility to make sure that everything associated with Jack Daniels during my tenure meets that standard.


Why do you think you are the best person for this Brand Ambassador Job?

I should be the brand ambassador because I have experience and I am also quite savvy. I have superior communication abilities and people skills which will be an asset to the company. Plus, I am really looking forward to sharing a Gentleman Jack with you, very soon.


Fidel Maithya



Please tell us something about yourself?

My name is Fidel Maithya and I am a radio producer as well as an NBA basketball analyst.  I have loved everything I have done in my career thus far. I am a dedicated individual who is creative as well as fun. I am loyal, honest and hardworking. A positive mindset in everything I do typifies who I am. Quitting is not in my vocabulary but my competitive spirit is up there. As a former basketball player in the Kenyan league, I have seen it all. I have reached the lowest of lows but my bounce backs were special and still are, thus I will always appreciate the struggle as it can only serve to make me stronger.


What will your main responsibilities be as the Brand Ambassador?

My main responsibilities as the Brand Ambassador will be to help increase the product’s visibility, create brand awareness amongst the consumers of premium whiskey as well encourage responsible drinking each and every opportunity we get when promoting the product. Engaging with consumers of Gentleman Jack will be key for me as well, being the face of the brand and all. Important among the responsibilities of a Jack Daniels brand ambassador should be promoting all the brands of the Jack Daniels family. I will also be a spokesperson for the brand when needed, use my influential networks to promote products from the JD family, participate in JD activations crucial in terms of Brand awareness, educate the consumer on the different product[s], use my knowledge from on ground activations to inform the brand about the needs of the consumer, be the go to guy in hosting whisky tastings and cocktail demonstrations, be a liaison between the brand and the media, promote the brand on all social media platforms, come up with different ways of consuming the product in terms of innovative recipes for cocktails and such and last but not least, provide expert knowledge of the product to retailers and consumers.


Why do you think you are the best person for this Brand Ambassador Job?

I believe truly, in my heart, that I would represent the brand well because of my social skills, my wide network of friends and colleagues who happen to be in the media and other spheres of influence as well as my true appreciation of the product as a consumer. I am all rounded just as Gentleman Jack is on the palate and I am double mellowed just like the Old No 7 for that smooth feeling. I am young, energetic, passionate and fit for the role. I work out as much as I can and to some extent I believe that I have the physical attributes of a Gentleman Jack Brand Ambassador. I am smart, witty, charming and can engage with people from all walks of life.


David Mwangi Mutunga



Please tell us something about yourself?

My name is David Mwangi Mutunga and I am a 29 years old. I like to believe that I am a calm, cool and collected individual but I am also quite assertive when need be. I love Rugby. I used to play rugby back in high school where I captained my team, I played a bit in campus and nowadays I just watch. I followed the recent Africa Gold Cup tournament quite closely – “We almost got it”.

I love watching Formula 1. I am a Lewis Hamilton diehard fan and I enjoy responsible speeds behind the wheel, just enough to get the adrenaline pumping. But most of all I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I believe the most important investment we can ever make in life is investment in relationships. These are the people who will always be there when you need them. So far my work experience has been in marketing having worked for at least three different organisations with the current one involving work in international development. My current role is to create awareness of funding opportunities for companies that require support in implementing projects in Africa that would benefit the rural poor. I am also responsible for the development of program brand identities for our clients.


What will your main responsibilities be as the Brand Ambassador?

The main idea behind having a brand ambassador is to create a transformational perception in the market about the brand that would eventually lead to increased sales. My main responsibilities as brand ambassador I guess would be to initially to get extensive training on the brand products, heritage and process so I could myself be able to train people on what I have learnt. I would also be responsible for creating brand awareness for the brand through various marketing tools in a profitable way that ensures maximum return on investment for the company/distillery. Most importantly I believe it would be to uphold the values of the Jack Daniels brand and to have fun in the process of it all.


Why do you think you are the best person for this Brand ambassador job?

I believe I am a very approachable person and I can interact with almost everybody. This is a strong asset given that the role of brand ambassador would require a lot of networking with different clientele. The Jack Daniels brand values of independence, authenticity and integrity resonate quite well with my own personal values among others. Also with me having a strong background in marketing and specifically brand development and awareness for international brands, I feel I have a strong foundation that I can mine from while working with the Jack Daniels brand. This combined with my love for the drink and passion towards getting everyone on board with the Jack Daniels brand of spirits creates a very strong synergy of skills and knowledge required to carry out the task of the Jack Daniels brand ambassador.


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