Making Life Easy With The EazzyPay Service From Equity Bank


The Kenyan banking sector has been evolving over the years. We have come from far, from people making long, winding and tiring queues in the banking halls to make a transaction to people being able to make transactions via mobile phones.

The EazzyApp by the Equity Bank has revolutionized the banking sector in Kenya. The App has managed to integrate all the banking services that were initially confined to the banking halls to one platform. Having an EazzyApp is like walking around with a whole bank in one’s pocket. Everything that one used to do at the bank is now available on EazzyApp.

The convenience of EazzyPay is that it is not only available on EazzyApp alone but on the Equitel Line SIM Menu enabling those who have subscribed to it to pay for goods, bills and services. There are some interesting facts about EazzyPay that make it unique:

  1. EazzyPay can be accessed on any internet enabled phone.
  2. EazzyPay is available on Equitel SIM Menu for all phones including feature phones.
  3. Paying for services or goods using EazzyApp is FREE.
  4. The maximum amount that one can transact on EazzyPay is 1,000,000 shillings per day.
  5. Using EazzyPay, one can withdraw cash as they pay for goods and services at the merchant outlets who display the Cashback sign and accept EazzyPay
  6. EazzyPay works with all mobile networks.

Caroline Mutoko sums up the advantages in this video

Whether you are looking at billing for services on DSTV, KPLC, or paying for things at supermarkets, at petrol stations such as Shell and National Oil, hotels, schools, airline sites such as Kenya Airways and Jumbojet and paying for services on online portal sites like eCitizen, EazzyPay is the platform that will enable you to do all these. It is no doubt that EazzyPay has revolutionized money transfer and payments with customers having more convenience as well as having a greater control to manage their bank accounts.

If you have an internet enabled phone, download the EazzyApp, the first and only banking app that is integrated with “pay for goods and services” using EazzyPay with more than 26,000 merchants already using it.

What can you do with EazzyPay?

Imagine if everyone paid their bills directly at the KPLC offices or at DStv office, how long would the queues be? Imagine the discomfort that would accompany the long wait. EazzyPay has made all these possible. Here are some of the things you can do with EazzyPay:

Paying KPLC bills at no cost with the service available either on the EazzyApp or on the Equitel SIM Line.

For those who have subscribed to services such as DStv, payment process for the service has been made easy and free of charge through EazzyPay.

If you are thinking of travelling and don’t want to pay for your travelling expenses in cash, EazzyPay enables you to make payments on either Kenya Airways or Jumbojet for free.

With EazzyPay, you can also buy and pay for goods from supermarkets, pay school fees for your loved ones in college, high school or primary school, withdraw cash and use it to buy goods among others.

Having an EazzyApp is like having the whole bank with you where you are the manager, teller and the accountant of your own cash. Apart from the EazzyPay product, the Eazzy Banking from Equity Bank has other products like EazzyChama which you can check out here. You can also get a EazzyLoan.

As of June 2017, EazzyApp had hit a monthly transaction value of 6.5 billion, witnessing one of the tremendous growth in the banking sector. EazzyApp hosts a number of services on its platform with one of them being EazzyPay with already 29,000 merchants who have registered to use the service. Only nine months after its launch, EazzyPay has already had transactions worth around 2 billion shillings.

When you join EazzyApp, you are joining a platform that of March 2017 had accounted for 30 percent of the mobile commerce market share in Kenya according to the data released by Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK). This showed the increased preference of consumers choosing to use EazzyPay as one of the e-commerce platforms in payment of bills, goods and services. EazzyPay is a reliable service that had recorded over 545,000 transactions as at 30th June 2017 with current amount transaction standing at 320 million shillings per month.

Change is inevitable and those who resist it will soon be overtaken by it. The banking sector is changing and Equity Bank of Kenya is leading in terms of setting the pace in incorporating technology in banking.

What is your banking app doing for you? Does it offer you convenience at a cheaper cost?

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