Brands Need To Be More Authentic To Keep Their Audience’s Attention


It’s no secret that advertisers are continually facing a difficulty getting through to savvy audiences on the inter-webs who have become far less trusting of marketing communications more than ever.  A lot of people say that they don’t trust advertising methods that will move the same people into action.

A notable method is offering discounts which has worked well for e-commerce giants like Jumia. Some companies employ the use of influencers have been known to increase product awareness and people’s affinity for certain products. Even so, these need to be ‘done correctly’ or risk coming off as deceptive.

With increased scepticism from consumers, brands need to explore more realistic approaches to using their platforms for more than marketing to bridge the gap and inspire them into willing consumers. The persuasion way of manipulation using all manner of ads placements is not enough, people already know why the ads are there, the mystery is gone.

Smart marketers already know that more than ever they should be focusing on the importance of proving authenticity over selling brand values and by extension products. This would mean creating more personalized campaigns which in turn increases customer participation and makes it easier for them to relate to a product and gives the brand an authentic feel.

Authenticity is not a metric

Authenticity is not a metric you can measure with any type of marketing platform. This is some all-time personal relationship consumers develop with a brand. It’s a feeling they will always get when they see a brand. Establishing it takes time and requires that every aspect of your brand is in sync and as transparent as possible. As long as there is transparency in the intent, consumers will possibly play along.

Transparency goes beyond just the direct marketing of the brand’s product and services, it also resonates in how the brand handles customers, especially with complaints. These should be addressed publicly and the brand should further tailor communication that shows people that they are using the feedback to improve services. Most people tend to be forgiving when they feel that their grievances are being heard and considered.

If you are not authentic and transparent, you will be exposed.

If your brand is doing something it truly believes in and has authenticity, consumers will always know about it. No consumer just assumes brands are doing their best these days, to meet their expectations, brands must showcase their authentic, transparent and positive values.

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