Millennials Are Embracing Online Jobs


There is a new breed of investors and entrepreneurs who are always ignored, misunderstood and ridiculed for the ‘crazy’ ideas they have in their minds. Welcome to the world of the millennial, a millionaire in ideas but paupers when it comes to funds to execute the ideas.

The corporate world has failed to understand the millennial. One of the sectors that has totally failed to grasp the millennial way of thinking is the banking sector. The millennial doesn’t understand the banking sector either. It is as hard as trying to unmask a ghost for a millennial to secure a loan from a bank. To most banks, the millennial is a daydreamer, filled with unrealistic ideas that are not worth any money. To give loans, banks want tangible security, not ideas and dreams. The millennial has, therefore, increasingly kept off the banks.

The millennial is hard working and innovative. Unfortunately, most employers don’t understand the millennial. The millennials want to be appreciated in whatever good they do, their ideas implemented and if not, an explanation given to them as to why not. This has led to an increased number of millennials who complete their education but do not want to seek for employment opportunities to work under someone else. Some people think that it is because the present millennial is half-baked, naive, inexperienced and, therefore, unproductive. No. It is mostly the fear of being intimidated or the ambition to remain independent.

The society, in general, has failed to understand the millennial working online. For instance, the society cannot understand how on earth a millennial can be able to pay rent, drive a car, buy nice clothes and live a happy life without ‘working’. The society doesn’t understand how the millennial can have a constant flow of cash without leaving their room. Most of them have ended up being branded Illuminati, getting their money through satanic means.

There are three things that a typical millennial online worker cannot lack in his room; Wi-Fi or internet bundles, a smartphone and a computer. To a typical millennial, these three things are a ticket to a happy and rich life. Using these three things, the millennial are doing the following jobs to earn a living:

Online Writing

The Ministry of ICT estimates that more than 40,000 Kenyan youth (millennial) earn a living directly from online writing platforms. There are various online writing platforms that exist and employing hundreds of young people around the world to work for them in terms of providing content for their numerous clients. Some online writing work available includes writing blogs, doing product reviews and generating multiple content for different platforms. The pay here ranges from 5 dollars to 20 dollars per every 500 words.

Academic Writing

This is similar to online writing but has better pay than just online writing. Though it is also done online, it involves doing a more comprehensive research. Most of the work involves writing academic papers, thesis and other research work for students both locally and internationally. The pay here ranges from 100 dollars to 200 dollars per every task completed.

Consultancy Services

There are many people seeking consultancy services on various online platforms. Many companies are seeking consultancy services in marketing, social media and many other services. The millennial has come out to fill the gap and he is reaping big from the service.

Other online services that the millennial is doing to earn a living include blogging, app development, and social media influencing services and marketing. The Business Of Blogging: The Rise Of The Online Influencer

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