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A large percentage of our purchasing decisions are made subconsciously despite the factors that come into play. Emotion is one of the factors that push the “I want this” button because our brains are on auto pilot most of the time. We are also prone to repetitive decision-making which is why we find it hard to change phone brands, a shoe brand or where we eat from time to time because we are used to what we expect from them.

Something else that is known to have an immense power to stir our emotions is music. It evokes and engages them in many stages of our lives. It is far more powerful than language itself and it has a surprising influence on purchasing decisions.

I was one my way to a client meeting along Mombasa road then decided to make a brief stopover at my friend’s workplace at Panari. I got there we found our usual seating spot but something was different this time, we could hear really good music being played from a certain store nearby. I mentioned that the music was groovy passively and my friend was quick to say, “I’ve always wanted to buy something from that shop, I think now I will”.

As it turns out, it’s not just clubs that benefit from playing music and prompt users to buy things, even retail stores can.

“Research shows that music can influence what shoppers choose and how much they buy. A 2005 study revealed that people tend to spend more on impulse buys when pleasant music is playing. The effect was present even when people did not notice the music playing in the store, showing that music has a subconscious (yet very real!) effect on shopping habits. More interestingly, the type of music played can act as a trigger for specific purchases. Classical music, for example, has been found to influence shoppers to buy more expensive items.” LS Retail – 7 Reasons why you should play music in your store

Here are the some of the reasons you should play music at your business.

  • Creating and differentiating your brand
  • Building the right atmosphere
  • Creating a private space
  • Setting the shoppers’ pace
  • Shortening waiting times
  • Encouraging people to shop
  • Increase productivity. Music boosts staff morale, concentration and productivity


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Make sure you read this great article 7 reasons why you should play music in your store for more insights.

Here are some of my observations about why it is important to play that music.

  1. The musical effect.My personal experience with music and shopping is that it makes the experience more enjoyable. Like many other consumers, if you are enjoying the experience, you tend to stay longer and fall into the preying hands of impulse buying. Supermarkets tend to have long lines but on this particular day, I did not have my earphones and had to pass by one. From the moment I stepped in, I felt an air of calmness as they had nice music on selection. I did my shopping in peace knowing that my wait in the line would be less painful.

2. It also has the effect of creating bonds with brands. Apart from generally lifting moods, music can amplify a situation to inspire the ‘relate and connect’ effect. Someone might be on a date and if the music on rotation is kind and in tune, that date might turn out smoother than most.

3. People will recommend places that play good music over ones that leave you exposed to the loudness of your thoughts. Because that’s what is different about it and it has a better chance of getting a positive word of mouth recommendation if the playlist is more eclectic and soothing.

4. To wrap this up, I’d say music will encourage return visits. One would gladly go back into a store that plays music over one that leaves you disengaged in silence. Music is an essential welcome mat for physical businesses. If you run/own a business consider soliciting for suggestions from users on social media because you can never be too sure who prefers what. Mix it up and crank up the volume to keep the customers coming back.

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