Jumia Market Invests In Express Service To Enable Next Day Delivery


Jumia market is an online marketplace where buyers and sellers meet to make awesome deals. Over the years, Jumia Market has gained traction as a reliable e-commerce tool where people are able to purchase and sell products. Currently in 25 markets, Jumia is continuously growing its market base with Kenya having the 3rd largest customer base. Their developments have continued to make their process a seamless activity for all parties involved.

One of these huge steps that Jumia has taken in providing a simpler online shopping experience is reducing their delivery time. They recently introduced Jumia Express which was previously known as Jumia First. This superb new service will see the residents in Nairobi receive their goods one day after date of purchase. Residents outside Nairobi will get their products one day faster than usual. This is sure to positively affect how customers relate to this brand. Long periods of waiting for your product can often be annoying since it puts all your plans on hold until the product arrives.

To go along with this express delivery system, Jumia has doubled the number of vendors on the platform and grown its assortment of products 10 times to 350,000 products! That is giving the customers a shopping experience with higher chances of finding the goods they are looking for. In lay man’s terms, they have created a market where people can find literally find all sorts of assorted products. Products one can access in the comfort of your own homes without the hustle of moving from place to place. It is important to note that most of these 350,000 products are available on Jumia Express. However, this service is only available to local vendors for now. Products coming from abroad through Jumia Global will continue to take 10-12 days.

During a press briefing, The Brand and Marketing Manager Chappette said, ‘All the products are sitting in our warehouse. We are guaranteed to have 100% availability and can pick and pack these products much faster than those that are sitting with vendors. This ensures that Jumia Express orders are faster.

The items carrying the Jumia Express logo will include groceries, fashion, smartphones, TV’s and home appliances.  Among the suppliers whose goods will be fulfilled by the Jumia Express option will be Tuskys. This will ensure that people get their preferred goods from this outlets at faster rates. Jumia however assured vendors not to worry since this service is being made available to them at a moderate cost.

Jumia’s focus right now is restocking. Space is not an issue since they have warehouses to store their products. As we get closer to yet another election period, it will be safer for vendors to store their goods under Jumia Express and watch their products sell quickly.

Jumia is also currently looking to recruit more vendors into their Jumia Express program.  All one needs to do is visit the Jumia Express website and sign up to enjoy this service that has been linked with higher sales and saving warehouse space.

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