How The Internet Has Revolutionized Entertainment


‘’We are witnessing the first generation to grow up digital — coming of age when the use of computers, the Internet, video games and cell phones is widespread – Jonathan F Fanton

A while back, entertainment was limited to watching television shows and buying movie films. Over the last couple of decades, the internet has changed the entertainment landscape. It has opened numerous doors and opportunities that no one could ever have imagined. As internet accessibility becomes increasingly more reliable, people have gained access to computers in their homes and offices and even their mobile phones. People no longer have to worry about where to watch their favorite shows and listen to their favorite music.

  1. Movies

You no longer have to worry about rushing to the nearest movie shop to purchase the latest movies. Having internet connection brings the entertainment to you. Whether it is movies or series, finding your preferred poison is as easy as pushing a button. When using a laptop one can decide to download the movie and watch it at their own pleasure. Steaming has made access to internet as easy as visiting a website and hitting send. This video on demand service subscriptions such as Showmax and Netflix have availed a variety of shows to its subscribers ensuring maximum entertainment at the viewer’s pleasure.

  1. Music

The availability of music online has boosted the music industry. Using various formats such as MP3 and MP4, we are able to distribute music digitally without any hustle or bustle. However this has been an issue in recent years as people are now able to access music illegally. Avenues such as illegal Peer to Peer (P2P) networks allow users to obtain music for free which inconveniences the owners of that music.

  1. Social Media

This has become a world-wide sensation for people of all ages. People are continuously spending hours of their time browsing through the internet. Teens especially, have mastered the art of browsing through multiple applications at a time with ease. Social media has given people access to entertainment avenues such as You-tube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook among other apps. These applications have opened up a world where people can share videos and pictures. It has become an integral part of governance and business retail.

However, people are nearing on borderline obsession on social media spending time that can only be considered unhealthy on their gadgets. It is an easy obsession to fall into and use of social media should be carefully monitored.

  1. Games

When I was young, the most advanced technological gadget for gaming was the Gameboy. We would spend hours on it trying to win in the simplest of games (they did not seem so simple then). Today, gaming had developed with the introduction of puzzle games, first person shooters, online card games etc. People can now compete or work together online in teams which has significantly increased the online community.

As the internet continues to evolve, we are guaranteed to see a simultaneous development in our means of entertainment. We should however be careful and ensure that the negative effects of these developments are curbed to prevent them from further afflicting our society.

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