Crimes Of Passion: Why People Kill In The Name Of Love


Love is an emotion human beings are yet to fully understand. All we know is that no matter who you are, you are bound to crave it. We get a slight taste of it and end up chasing it for the rest of our natural lives. Love can undoubtedly make us a little crazy.  As strong as this emotion is, it is responsible for two completely diverse results. For some, it is the foundation of a blossoming relationship. For others, it is a start of a nightmare with a horrifying ending.

On September 18, 2017, a man said to a part of the presidential escort guard unit was reported to have shot his girlfriend five times for rejecting his proposal. He went further to try and end his life but survived. He is waiting to be placed under police custody after he recuperates. Clearly, this man loved this woman enough to consider proposing to her. So what is this that causes what was once a beautiful story of love turn into a story marred by bloodshed and death? For some of these people, committing such a violent act never crosses their minds and there are various things that can trigger that murderous emotion.

  1. Ignoring existing problems

Any relationship has its issues or problems. Sometimes if a couple may not seem to agree on solving the problem, they sweep it under the rug and hope that it will resolve itself. However ignoring these issues can cause accumulation of pent-up rage over time. This rage when released in the wrong environment, can result in one ending the partner’s life in an uncalculated move.

  1. Physical and emotional abuse

According to a report from the National Crime Research Center, 38% of females and 20% males experience gender-based violence. As noted in most cases, the victim may choose to stay in an abusive relationship for one reason or another. The abuse piled on the victims causes psychological damage that may cause him/her to snap and decided to seek vengeance on their attacker.  How we can help victims of domestic violence

  1. Jealousy

Love triangles are slowly piling on the list of causes of crimes of passion. In the event that a spouse discovers that their partner is involved with another person, it ignites feelings of jealousy. These feelings may span out of control if not dealt with. In other instances, the spouse does not need proof of the crime of infidelity. The assumption that the partner is cheating on them is enough to send them over the edge. Most of these cases may result in the death of one or two of the three individuals involved in the love triangle.

A case like that occurred in Nairobi when a 24-year-old woman stabbed her boyfriend 22 times after she found a romantic message on his phone from another woman.

  1. Drugs and Alcohol

It is no secret that drug abuse can greatly affect the brains capacity to reason. It can cause one to react violently over the smallest issue. A person may get home intoxicated by drugs and decide to pick a fight with their spouse. One can even attempt to harm his/her kids causing the other partner to react defensively. These fights may get out of hand and in the commotion cause one of the partners to harm the other in a fit of anger.

Most of the victims of these attacks are women and children. These crimes are a challenge to society. Sadly, no matter the reason behind the attack, these crimes cannot be taken back. One moment in time can ruin and probably haunt you for the rest of your life. These crimes also cause the destruction of families and hinder the development of societies. People in society should be keen to detect these issues at an early stage and result to solve them before they cause unnecessary deaths.

The question is always asked why people stay in bad relationships. Why do people stay in toxic relationships?

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