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Sometimes you may want to spruce up your home but you are a little strained on cash. There are various small decorating projects one can employ to freshen up their home. It just calls for a little imagination and creativity. Sometimes the simplest solutions can have the biggest impacts. Here are few ideas to get you started.

  1. Add wallpaper
Beautiful wallpaper. Image via https://ae01.alicdn.com

According to The Standard, wallpaper is initially more expensive than paint. However, the paint will get damaged over time while wallpaper will look good for years. It is, therefore, cheaper in the long run and a more enticing decorative piece. Before you put in any wallpaper in your house, read up on its very many types and how to install it depending on your needs. Research on its advantages and disadvantages to know what you are getting yourself into. After that, you are good to go. It is sure to add colour and spice up the room you install it in. This is because it comes in different designs and textures which impact on a rooms visuals. Sometimes you just need to use it on one wall to make that wall pop.

  1. Use of art pieces
Decorate rooms in a creative way. Image via http://www.stylemotivation.com

With the great number of artists popping up every day, finding inexpensive art pieces to work with is not such a hard task. Select what areas in your house you want to add a little creative spark then hunt for the products you require. It could be places to place your jewellery, art work to hang on your walls. Use of kiondos to add a personal fun touch to your house is increasingly becoming a favourite for many. They can become vases for flowers or even hold fruit in the kitchen. If you are a creative, there are various ways you do some DIY art especially for hanging on your walls or keeping on your cabinets.


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  1. Use of bookcases

This especially goes for book lovers. Bookshelves have become more than just a functional piece in our homes. They help with a little organization and can act as a decorative piece in many rooms. So instead of storing your books or your kids’ books in some drawers somewhere, invest in an inexpensive bookshelf.  It can either be a large bookshelf or a tiny one depending on the available space, budget and preference. There are also fun DIY shelves one can make where one can use old belts to create a floating bookshelf. The beauty about bookshelves is that they themselves turn into stunning displays and one can add their own creative pieces to add to the room décor.

  1. Use of jars

Now the kitchen might be one of the areas we neglect when decorating the house yet it has the potential to look so great if we put a little effort. One of these ideas would be the use of jars to store most of our foodstuffs. We often tend to leave our foodstuffs in the papers they arrive in yet we can invest in a few inexpensive jars to put them in It is as functional as it is decorative. At Jumia Kenya the jars range from Kshs 500 to 2000 but you can also buy stuff in jars from the supermarket and then clean them out after and use the jars. One can start with one set and work their way up from there. Storing our foodstuffs makes the kitchen less cluttered and if you have a pantry it makes for a beautiful sight. Smaller jars can be used to store sugar, tea and coffee sachets.


Decorate mason jars. Image from http://www.goodshomedesign.com/hanging-mason-jar-sconces/

You can also get glass bottles and turn them into something beautiful for different rooms around the house.

Glass bottle decoration. Image from https://makersmeadow.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/


Home décor is largely dependent on personal taste. With the décor scene slowly taking root in Kenya, there are various options one can peruse through to come up with various ideas one can use. You should also be willing to push the boundaries a little bit. Get out of your comfort zone; be a little creative. You would be surprised what you can come up with.

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