The 2017 MSK Awards Submissions Are Open


The submissions to the annual MSK awards are now open. This year will feature 15 categories for both corporates and individuals wishing to participate in the awards. The theme for this year will be BRAND EXPERIENCE VS CONSUMER EXPERIENCE.

Amongst the highlights of the awards will include the advertising campaign of the year where judges will critique utilization of paid media, its ability to reach the target market and promote a product/service. Under social media marketing, the judges will evaluate the role of social media influencers and their effectiveness in customer engagement and satisfaction.

Individual awards will also be up for grabs under the class of champions of marketing. Categories will include, brand lead of the year, that will reward individuals who have led the success of brands. Sales lead of the year will recognize the people behind company’s profit and revenue. The marketing lead of the year will perhaps top the individual awards as it will be awarded to an individual who must be leading sales teams, brand teams, product development and show the overall success of marketing strategies, development and implementation.

All entries will be submitted online to [email protected] and must be sent by the closing date on 16th October by brand owners or their marketing agencies. The agencies must, however, obtain approval from brand marketing directors or equivalents and subsequently provide their contact details for verification.

A brief overview of the announcement:

  • Submissions close on 16th October 2017
  • Corporates & agencies are required to pay Ksh 5000 per entry
  • Applicants must ensure their membership is up to date to enter the awards.
  • Agencies require authorization from marketing directors of the respective brands
  • All entries must be for campaigns that ran in the past 12 months

For more details on submissions and guidelines, visit the Marketing society of Kenya website here additional avenues of assistance include calling their secretariat on 0792001391 or sending an email to [email protected]

Good luck to (in advance) to all those who will participate.

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