New Kenyan Film Coming Out Soon: 18 Hours By Rocque Pictures


Nothing excites me more than hearing about a new Kenyan Production. It is amazing how far the industry has come. So as famed DJ Khaled likes to say ‘another one’, there is a another new film set to premiere on 10th November. This will be followed by a country world release. The narrative based on a true story is directed by Njue Kevin, an award winner of the Best Young African Filmmaker. His last short film ‘Intellectual Scum’ opened at the Silicon Valley African Film Festival. This will be his feature film directorial debut so it is exciting to see what he has for us. The film’s trailer has been released by Rocque Pictures working in partnership with Chapter 1 and Emergency Medicine Kenya Foundation.

18 Hours which is a true story follows a rookie paramedic who spends 18 hours in an ambulance, for the life of a road crash victim who is struggling to be admitted into a hospital. The awaiting narrative which resonates with many Kenyans was shot in Nairobi and Machakos. It captures the reality of the healthcare scramble in Kenya and the numerous African States.

The film also aims to acknowledge the efforts and dedication of paramedics and care-givers whilst at the same time, highlighting the critical structural challenges that disrupt their mission to sustain life. I honestly believe this movie has come at a time that our Health Sector is plagued by issues and this film will do its part in creating awareness on this topic.

     “The film is a mirror of the difficult times we are facing but it also reminds us of the human spirit which strives in resilience at times of struggle.” ~ Njue Kevin.

Its producers are not new to the film industry. Phoebe Ruguru who is 20 years old was the winner of Women for Africa Young Achiever in 2016. Her directorial debut film won Best Young Filmmaker at the Modern Day Slavery Competition in London. This young talented lady is an undergraduate student studying International Relations and Social Anthropology in The University of London.

The other producer is Bill Afwani who is the co-founder of Rocque Pictures. His directorial debut won him the Best African Talent at the 2014 Zanzibar International Film Festival. With such a team behind the film, it is sure to be a great one.

The cast behind this film will include Nick Ndeda, Sue Wanjiru, and Brian Ogola. The executive producer team consists of Ruth Owino and Robert Gateru. Its co-producer will be famed Shuga actress, Brenda Wairimu.

So if you are interested in Kenyan Film Productions, just sit back and relax and wait for 10th November. In the meantime, watch the trailer –

Production Location: Kenya

Length: 70 minutes

Languages: English/Swahili/Sheng

Projection: 2K DCP

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