Spa Review: The Diani Reef Beach Resort And Spa


“A massage is just like a movie, really relaxing and a total escape, except in a massage you’re the star. And you don’t miss anything by falling asleep!” Elizabeth Jane Howard

There are several reasons why the Diani Reef Beach Resort And Spa has won numerous awards, the hospitality, facilities and food are on point. And the Maya spa is part of it of what makes the Diani Reef Resort so unique.


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I had a chance to try out the Maya Spa while I stayed at Diani Reef and it was a fantastic experience. Even before you get to the spa the environment already starts relaxing you. The spa is set in a beautiful environment that just starts calming your mind even before you enter the spa.

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Maya Spa has everything to get you relaxed. You can tell that Diani Reef Beach Resort and Spa have invested in the spa facilities. If you just want to relax there is a Jacuzzi, a spa bath and flotation pool. You can also sweat out your toxins at the Sauna and follow it up with a relaxing massage. You can also indulge in some hydrotherapy or a Rhassoul Mud treatment. Want to look good as you take those beach selfies? Get a facial or get your nails and hair done at the salon.

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I was looking forward to a deep tissue massage and I was not disappointed.

It is important to book an appointment first. We booked an appointment for 11 and when we went we were greeted by one of the friendly therapists and ushered into the changing rooms. There are lockers with shampoo, soap, disposable underwear and a bathrobe.
We started out with a 30-minute session in the Sauna. Then we went off to get our massage. Bonita had settled for a hot stone massage and I had asked for a deep tissue massage. I really needed one because I tend to sit for long periods of time.


Bonnita getting a hot stone massage.


Starting from my feet to my thighs then my back I got the best massage ever. It was nice to relax and turn my tense body over into somebody else’s hands, and she worked her magic with her trained hands and essential oils. It was a bit intense because I asked for more pressure because I had tight muscles, especially in my back. The therapist was able to loosen the knots in my back (I could hear them popping during
the massage). Because of the pressure I was unable to sleep but I was able to listen to the soothing music and it helped to relax me even as she worked on my back. An hour later when she was done I felt lighter, and the tension I had been feeling was gone. The therapist definitely kneaded away my muscle tensions and that night I was able to get some good sleep.

You decide what type of massage you want, from aromatherapy massage, to traditional Swedish massage and you can also try reflexology. If you are not down for a full massage you can do a hand or foot treatment.

I would definately recommend a massage at the Spa, and maybe if you have time also try out the jacuzzi.

Facilities include:

  • Steam and Sauna facilities that offer immense benefits of the heat therapy sessions it detoxifies your body leaving you refreshed.
  • Facials – At Maya Spa Skin Care they use the finest skin care products for customized facials and skin treatments.
  • Rassoul – Rassoul is a is a unique treatment and exotic ritual that relaxes, cleanses and detoxifies your body. This starts in a steam chamber, and after a rain shower, different types of mud are applied on your face and body which are slowly absorbed through your skin resulting into perspiration. You are left with silky smooth skin and relaxed muscles.
  • Maya Aromatherapy Massage – This ancient method uses the powerful essence of oils to relax, balance and stimulate your body. As the warmed oil gently flows down your body you will find that it stimulates your skin while creating a sensation of pleasure and wellness in you.

The next time you are staying at the Diani Reef Resort And Spa make sure you try the Spa. But it is not only for hotel residents alone you can still take advantage of the spa if you are in the area. To book your appointment call them on +254 070948100, or drop them an email: [email protected]


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