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The dream of most graduates or any other person who is unemployed is to get a job. Most job seekers, however, do not know how to present themselves during their job interviews. Apart from your outstanding curriculum vitae, how you present yourself on your first job interview plays a key role in whether you will be hired or not.

Success in a job interview starts way back at your home. The process begins even before you get to the interviewing room. What you eat is the first exam for your job interview. Avoid eating fatty foods that would upset your stomach. You don’t want to keep on running to and from the gents and ladies all the time. To be on the safe side, eat lighter food or take a lighter drink or a cup of coffee or tea.

Your dressing is another thing that will determine whether your job interview will be a success. Dressing officially is the traditional mode of interviews. “Even janitors dress in suits when attending their first job interview,” said Jane Namarome, a Human Resource Consultant in Nairobi. The rule here is simple, be smart.

Arrive early. If the interview is slated to take place at 8 am, for instance, make sure that you arrive in time and not on time. There is a difference between ‘in time’ and ‘on time’. Arriving ‘in time’ means ‘arriving early enough; not late’ while arriving ‘on time’ means ‘arriving punctually, according to the schedule’. Arriving in time helps in reducing your stress level, gives you time to study the environment, learn something about the institution or company of the interview and relax.

During the interview, make and maintain eye contact but do not stare. Look at the people asking the questions while given them answers. If there is more than one person in the room, make sure you make eye contact with them. This will give you an upper hand in determining your confidence. Some people thinking answering questions without eye contact is a sign of respect. No. It will cost your job.

In a job interview, your main job is to give answers and the only thing you should be good at is to listen keenly. Don’t interrupt when the question is being asked and if not understood, ask the person asking to repeat it for you. Remember to be friendly and don’t be too serious. It helps a lot to have a smile. Avoid giving too much information and maintain short and precise answers.

According to Jane, during a job interview, one should expect a wide range of questions. “One of the most difficult questions is, tell us about yourself,” she says.  When asked this kind of question, do not go about telling those interviewing you things already in your curriculum vitae. Remember, before you were considered for the job, you had sent in your CV. When asked to talk about yourself, the interviewing panel wants you to give them other things about you that are not contained in the CV. Talk about your strengths and avoid giving the weaknesses that might jeopardize the chances of you getting the job.

“In an event that the interviewing panels gives you a chance to ask questions, ask about the company culture, what they expect from their new members and how, if successful, you will be able to blend in,” said Jane.

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