Business: Characteristics Of A Good Employee


It is difficult to hire a suitable person to work for you. Sometimes, looking at the curriculum vitae (CV) to determine who should and should not work for you is difficult. There are several character traits of a valuable employee and potential employers should look beyond the CV.

  1. A good employee is trustworthy. Trust is what builds a business. The employee should be able to trust the business and be able to translate the same trust in customers. People are often mistaken to think that customers buy products and services from them. At the beginning, this might be the case but what makes them come back after they have bought or subscribed to a service from you for the first time is trust. Trust lies in quality, delivery, and meeting of deadlines. Trust also lies in how the employee handles such things as company money, things belonging to the customer among other things.
  2. Having employees who are ambitious is another key factor that will make sure that your business grows. A person with no ambition is like a traveller who does not know where he/she is going and, therefore, every road seems right for them. An employee should not only be focused on helping your business and company grow but also in making their career blossom. Ambitious employees are creative, innovative and are always looking into the future and on how they can make themselves better.
  3. An employee must be hardworking. It is only through hard work that your business will grow. Who doesn’t know that hard work pays? Although it is difficult to tell whether the employee is hard working or not but there are some elements that can give you insights about them. For instance, how long does the employee take to complete a task? How much time does the employee spend in the office and how does he/she utilize the time?
  4. Reliability is another key characteristic of a good employee. An employee who is reliable is that who follows instructions. Look for someone who listens to the instructions and delivers accordingly. Following instruction is one way of showing that the employee takes his work and responsibilities seriously.
  5. Discipline is key among employees. As an employer, you should never tolerate an indiscipline employee. Disciplined employees keep time and deliver on time. They follow instructions and they are always professional and confidential. A good employee should also be positive and optimistic. You don’t need someone who is always negative, gloomy and not lively.

As an employer, your employees are part of your assets. You are investing in them and you should get back what you are investing in them. Do not accept mediocrity and neither should you reward one. Mediocre people kill businesses and companies. They may have a charming smile, tell you what you want to hear but in the real sense, your business will be suffering. Look at the feedback from your usual customers. Call them up and ask them about the services you are giving to them. Ask them how they see the services of your employees and you will learn a lot.

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