Where Cooking Meets Performance – Japanese Teppanyaki at Sake Restaurant, Diani Reef Beach Resort


Diani Reef Beach Resort is full of surprises and a wonderful one is the Sake Restaurant.  The Sake Oriental Restaurant offers a fusion of Japanese, Chinese & Indian cuisine. Our first night at Diani Reef Beach Resort we got to try out some Japanese Teppanyaki.


Image from https://aluochbonnita.com/2017/09/23/japanese-teppanyaki-at-sake-restaurantdiani-reef-beach-resort-and-spa/
Image from https://aluochbonnita.com/2017/09/23/japanese-teppanyaki-at-sake-restaurantdiani-reef-beach-resort-and-spa/


Calvin the Oriental Chef was our chef and food guide for the evening. The unique thing about Japanese Teppanyaki is that you watch as your dinner is prepared in front of you. The food is cooked on an iron griddle known as a teppan. It is a show as the chef does a lot of juggling, tossing, speed cutting and serving. We had a full course of a vegetable starter, sushi, seafood (lobster and prawns), chicken and beef, steamed vegetables, fried rice and soup.

Teppanyaki is a style of preparing Japanese cuisine. The “Teppan” stands for iron griddle and Yaki is broiling, pan frying or grilling food. The chef had all the ingredients lined up and he prepared for us the food with stunning flair and speed.

Before we got treated to the slay of hand that is Teppanyaki cooking we had an appetizer which was vegetables. Japanese cooking is very healthy and you can enjoy a great dinner which is balanced.

Image from https://aluochbonnita.com/2017/09/23/japanese-teppanyaki-at-sake-restaurantdiani-reef-beach-resort-and-spa/


The Sake Restaurant has two Teppanyaki tables so that you can enjoy the experience of live cooking. But if that is not your thing there is two table arrangements, one is a normal dining room with dining tables but there is also a floor sitting arrangement with low tables that is synonymous with Japanese dining style.

Hibachi is the art of cooking that has elements of performance and I have to tell you it was a show. We had the Emperor Course which is a five-course Teppanyaki meal. You can also do the Samurai which is a three-course meal.

We had some delicious vegetable salad as a starter.

Then it was time for Sushi, there were different types and I love sushi so I enjoyed this. The best part was trying it with the different sauces. Also watching my dinner companions – one who had never eaten sushi and who had to be convinced to try it. We had the option of eating with regular cutlery or chopsticks, I took up the challenge of chopsticks and although it was tough going at the beginning I eventually got the hang of it (it’s hard remembering how to use chopsticks when you don’t use them on the regular). I wanted to have the authentic experience so I used the chopsticks all night.

The portions for everything are small and you might think that you will not get full but by the end of the evening, you are stuffed.

After our adventure with Sushi and pairing it with the different sauces it was the time for the cooking performance. The chef poured some olive oil on the grill and using two knives he spread it all around. He started by making us prawns, then lobsters, followed by chicken and beef.

The seafood of choice that paired nicely for this meal was lobsters followed by prawns, both of which were prepared separately.



Fried lobster.


The beef fillet was served with vegetables on the side, which were first fried and then steamed for two minutes. The beef preparation had a dramatic flair as Calvin added wine and then set the meat on fire, it was a marvel to watch.

The fourth course was vegetable rice which I was too full to eat. It has boiled rice, carrots, onions, garlic, and green pepper and it

The soup was the final course and it was made of chicken soup, mixed with miso paste and beef dash. The soup I think is an acquired taste because I didn’t like it.

If you are looking for the five-course meal it costs Ksh. 5000 but the Samurai which is the 3-course meal I think costs either Ksh. 3000 or Ksh. 3500.

If you love seafood and you are looking to liven up your dining experience I would definitely recommend the Sake Restaurant. The cooking is a performance, and the food is fantastic. What made the food even tastier were the different sauces (four of them). Each sauce goes with a particular meat but you can mix it up, the sauces include soy sauce and an avocado mix.

I loved that I was both entertained and fed at the same time. It’s beautiful when art and food are blended together to bring a show for the senses.

Next time you are in the Diani area try out the restaurant. Or better yet stay at the Diani Reef Beach Resort and try it the different restaurants. The restaurants are a foodie’s dream each offering something unique.

Contact Diani Reef Beach Resort to make your reservations on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. They also have great deals on trip advisor or call them on  +254 709 481 000.


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