Travel: Top 5 Beach Essentials For Your Next Getaway



The holidays are coming up soon! Am I the only one who thinks 2017 has silently flown by? Where did the months go? Either way, I am excited about the holiday season. Most of us love to enjoy our holidays with our family and friends at the beachside. The ocean shenanigans seem to carry with it the power to wash all the year’s problems and exhaustion away. For those yet to ready their beach bodies, no need to worry. Just embrace your body as it is and enjoy dancing with the waves of the ocean. So as we get beach ready, there are a few items we must not forget so as to make our beach time all the more fun and stress-free.

  1. Sunscreen

There is nothing as relaxing as sitting next to a pool or at the beach and basking in the sun. With a small breeze blowing, one can stay there for hours, probably even fall asleep. However, even as we soak in some vitamin D, we cannot forget that excess absorption of UV-rays is not healthy for our skin. The Skin cancer Foundation states that it increases the chances of getting skin cancer. Without even looking at such drastic effects, exposing yourself to the sun for long periods causes some skin types to breakout and peel. Not to mention how painful sunburns can be. So enjoy your holiday in peace. Carry along some sunscreen with you and apply it all over your body a few minutes before stepping into the sun.

  1. Sunglasses

There is nothing fun about having the sun glare at you all the time. It can make it extremely hard to see and you spend most of your time squinting. To enjoy your time poolside or along the beach carry with you a pair of stylish sunglasses. The qualities of a good pair of sunglasses include; getting a pair that fit, tinted enough to block the UV-rays but not too dark that you fail to see where you are going. This way you can walk around the beach unbothered and without a struggle. Sunglasses also make you look good for those many pictures you are bound to take. Here are some tips for taking great holiday photos.

  1. Beach blankets

With the emergence of cover-ups, people seem to have forgotten the importance of carrying around a beach blanket or better known as ‘kikoi’. These work perfectly while at the beach since one can lay them on the ground. This way you can keep your towel safe and clean instead of exposing it to the sand. It does, after all, come into contact with your body. This kikoi also works to protect you from excess sand if you just want to stay clean. Some kikois come with small pockets on the side and thus you can fit in your valuables for safekeeping.

  1. Small bag

When we go to the beach, there are various things that we carry along with us e.g. books, phones, Bluetooth speaker, power banks, etc. It is not pleasant when sand or water gets into these things; especially for your electronics. Any contact with water can be the end of their life. It is therefore important to ensure that they are kept away from the water by either placing them in a small bag or a small plastic sealed bag. However, with the recent burn on plastic bags, a small bag would be more fitting.

  1. Drinking water

When we get into the water, we awaken our child-like sense of nature. We play with the water, swim and have a grand time with whoever we have gone out with. In that heat, it is easy to get tired and dehydrated. The irony is, even when surrounded by all that water, you cannot drink it. Carrying with you a bottle of drinking water can help keep away dehydration and will help to cool off your body internally. This way you avoid fatigue and you can have all the fun you would want.

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