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I am all for women adorning themselves in makeup. Makeup is a form of expression. Just like fashion, it communicates a person’s personality and preferences. In today’s world, applying makeup has become an art. People have made budding careers from mastering this art. A talented hand is the difference between great makeup and flawless makeup. However, I think there are a couple of things that women have yet to perfect. The problem is, makeup is like a white shirt; one mistake could ruin everything. Do not get me wrong, I am not a makeup guru. There are however some common makeup mistakes that anyone can notice.

  1. Selecting the wrong shade of foundation

The African woman is endowed with a range of different skin types. From the skin type rich in melanin to the lighter skin type. The makeup industry has ensured they cater to as many skin types as possible. Before purchasing any foundation, it is important that you figure out which shade best suits your skin. Applying a lighter shade causes one to walk around looking like a ghost. Your face stands out from the rest of your darker body parts.

On the other hand, applying foundation darker than you leaves you looking like someone had just smeared your face with mud. It is not a good look. So take your time. Various beauty stores these days have testers which you can experiment with until you find what works for your skin. On the bright side, you just have to test once and you are good to go.

  1. Shaving off your eyebrows

Now eyebrow makeup has seen massive evolution over the years. It has been a process of trying to perfect them to what we see now. Your eyebrows give your face some shape so to speak. They are shaped to fit your face perfectly. So instead of completely shaving them off, shaping them would be a better option. This can be done either by tweezing, plucking or threading. This way, when it comes to filing them in, you can follow the natural eyebrow shape.

  1. Wrong blush application

Blush is one of those makeup options that beginners shy away from. It is often thought to be complicated. Selecting the correct blush shade especially for the darker skin types can be a little tricky. There is also the issue of putting on too much blush or failing to blend it in completely. According to Redbook mag, blush is supposed to be the finishing touch of your makeup, not the center of attention. It can have you walking the streets looking like a real-life Barbie doll- and not the pretty kind.

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  1. Applying too much eyeliner

A little eyeliner goes a long way in adding to a sassy makeup look. Many ladies have perfected the perfect cat-eye look. However, over applying mascara can make it look cakey and overdone. It darkens the area around the eye in a less than appealing manner. Drawing in the eyeliner should be enough to make your eyes pop to satisfaction.

  1. Applying matte lipstick on dry lips

This can be fixed with a little exfoliation before wearing lipstick. Following this up with a lip balm leaves your lips feeling and looking hydrated. This allows for easier application of your matte lipstick. When the lipstick dries out to reduce lipstick transference, your lips still look full and moist.

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