Four Points Best Brew Trail Nairobi: Four Pils Beer, Food & An Unforgettable Experience


After kicking off the trail, in Manhattan, New York, The Best Brews trail came to Nairobi. Being the only African country participating in the trail, it was more than a pleasure to have it here. This was the fifth stop on a trail around the world. After leaving Manhattan, they headed to Cancun Mexico, then to Okanagan Valley in Canada, Melbourne Australia before dropping off in Nairobi. Their trip would culminate in Barcelona, Spain during their famed October Fest.


The Four Points Best Brews around the World aims to celebrate the brands signature initiative. This is a dedicated program in which each of the brand’s 225+ hotels around the world showcases a local craft beer. This provides their guests with the chance to indulge their taste buds in the spectacular Best Brews in each of the Four Point Hotels.


In Nairobi, Four points by Sheraton partnered up with the Big Five Breweries to create their own signature craft beer that carries serious flavour. Their customers, therefore, get to enjoy an authentic taste of local beer culture whenever they visit the hotels. A special brand of beer found nowhere else but at Four Points by Sheraton. A unique experience that will be sure to add to the already budding beer culture in Nairobi.

I was fortunate enough to attend The Nairobi edition trail. This trail hit the ground running on the beautifully set balcony of The Four Points by Sheraton Hurlighum branch. Here the brewmaster Lawrence introduced us to the new beer, Four Pils- the golden pale Ale crafted specifically for Four Points by Sheraton. He took us through its composition which is a combination of wheat, pilsner malt and hops and is free of any sugar additives. He then let us dig our thirsty selves into the drink to analyze its various tastes and smells. For those of us that had skipped the lesson on the art of beer tasting somewhere in our education curriculum, we had expert brewers to help us decipher each taste and smell.



What followed was a cook-off by the hotel’s Executive Chef, Shakher Pandey. He put he’s exemplary skills to work and showed us how to throw down various cuisines using beer. It got me thinking about all the meals that I could experiment with. But as the chef advised- use the beer in moderation. Dumping a whole bottle of beer in your cooking pot does not count. We were then given a chance to taste the cuisines we had just watched being prepared with a lovely three-course meal prepared by the chef and his team. All I can say is compliments to the chef!


The next stop on the beer trail was the Brew Bistro Lounge along Ngong Road. Here we were given a breakdown of the intricate brewing process from the start to finish. We were able to understand how Brew Bistro came up with their 5 unique beers. With the new understanding of the brewing process, it was easier to go to the next step- the tasting session. Armed with the previous tasting tips I had gotten, I was convinced I was a pro. It is safe to say some skills take a while to master.  Nonetheless, I was no stranger to pointers given to differentiate all the distinct tastes of the beers. Aleem Ladak, a Brew Master, shared his wisdom on the art of brewing beer as well.

Just as we thought the day could not get any better, the surprise trail planned by the Four Points team was finally unveiled. They treated us to a helicopter ride giving us a chance to experience the breath-taking bird’s eye view of the city. An experience that will be sure to linger in all our memories forever. We were also able to enjoy our evening coffee with some sweet pastries as we mingled away about the day’s activities.


The trail came to a close at the new Four Points Hotel located at the Jomo Kenyatta National Airport. The hotel set to be unveiled sometime in October will be the first airport hotel built within the premise of the airport. We were privileged to be among its first guests awaiting its launch. A tour around the hotel’s premises was in order as the hotel managers gracefully showed us the different facilities offered by the Hotel. The airport view has got to be one of the definite unique qualities one gets to experience while staying there. Fun fact; the glass used to make the hotel windows are 2 plied. This means that one cannot be disturbed by the noises emanating from the airport which can be particularly loud and unsettling.

To end our night, we gorged ourselves on the 6-course meal provided by our graceful hosts. We also partook in games and quizzes which saw people delve into their competitive sides. The already formed friendships throughout the day made for an enjoyable evening. The Four Points team had pulled out all the stops leaving behind a happy and grateful group of guests who were happy to have been part of this trail.

So whenever you get a chance, be sure to drop by at Four Points by Sheraton and enjoy their new beer- Four Pils and join the Best Brews Culture!


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