4 Foods You May Need to Avoid To Keep Your Skin Clear


To be honest, we have all struggled with our skin one time or the other. Most of us have had skin problems since puberty. You can barely remember how having smooth skin felt like. For some us, it is probably best not to tally the total amount of money we have spent on skincare products. You would think with the new technology coming up every day, we would have found a permanent solution to flawless skin. If wishes were horses huh? However, I think we spend too much time thinking about the causes and solutions to skincare that are out there. This causes us to neglect reasons closer to home- the food we consume. You are after all what you eat.

What you feed your bodies will eventually manifest itself. The Readers Digest states that checking your diet can go a long way in getting clearer and smoother skin. A study carried out in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics set out to find out what the problematic pimple-causing foods are. The study showed that people with problematic skin have diets high in carbs and glycemic index. These foods stimulate excess production of insulin that causes androgen hormones to be released which then prompts the skin to overproduce oil. This eventually causes pimple bursts and acne. So which foods should one keep away from for clearer skin?

White Rice

According to Live strong, white rice when consumed in large amounts stimulates the release of excess insulin which is responsible for pimples. Its ability to trigger inflammation can leave your skin prone to breakouts and acne. Glycemic Index Foundation states that a glycemic index below 55 is low, 56-69 is moderate while one above 70 is considered to be excessive.

One serving of small grain white rice has about a 72 glycemic index. You can see where the problem lies. People are increasingly adding brown rice to their diets. It is not only healthier since it has additional fibre and nutrients but its glycemic load is slightly lower than white rice.


We may often choose to switch out bread and tea in the morning for some cereal and milk. It gives us the energy we need to take on the day’s activities. What we may not know is that that diet could be contributing to our skin problems. The glycemic index of cereal such as corn flakes can get to 80. Cereals such as rolled oatmeal, steel-cut oatmeal, and oat bran are considered to be low GI foods. So, take your time and read the boxes before you purchase yours or your children’s cereals.


The irony is, this list is filled with fruits that are considered healthy for your body. However, under the radar, they may be contributing to your nagging skin issues. According to Shape, bottled juice or even the freshly pressed juice we think is good for health can be a breakout trigger. The excessive sugars in these juices cause your blood sugar to spike increasing production of sebum and inflammation of skin pores.


Spaghetti which is a kind of pasta (am I the only one who thought those two were the same thing?) is an acne producing agent. It is considered to have a glycemic index as high as 92! WebMD states that food like pasta can lead to the growth of pore-clogging cells that boost oil action into your glands. This causes them to get irritated causing them to swell and dry up leaving black spots. Thus, begins your struggle with acne.

However, it is important to note that you should not completely keep away from these foods. Some are actually great for other parts of the body. The key issue is to take them in moderation. Too much of something is poison.

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