Relationships: Romancing Your Lady On A Budget


Msupa wangu anataka masheesha, na kwa mfuko wangu pesa zimeisha. (My girl says she wants sheesha, but I do not have enough money to buy it for her). These words from popular Kenyan musicians H_art the Band suddenly come to mind as I write this. When you are with a special woman, you want to spoil her once in a while. Make her feel special. However, the size of your pocket often fails to match up to the size of your heart. So how do you tell show that special woman how much she means to you without breaking the bank?

Taking her on a special date

With the social scene quickly growing in Kenya, there are various pocket-friendly places you can take your girl out for a date. It could even be out for drinks at a restaurant she has been dying to try. If you keep an eye out, restaurant and hotel offers are popping up every other week. With books like Discoucher, you can sometimes spend half the original amount. So you save money and get to make your girl happy. Another alternative would be creating your own perfect date. Ditch boy’s night, go home and prepare her a lovely home-cooked meal. Then spend the rest of the evening doing things she loves. It can be watching movies or listening to music. The idea is to make her feel special.

Plan a short getaway

Now I am not talking about going on vacation. A getaway can be a simple day out to a serene place where you get to spend time away from everything else. Take a little time away from the children, jobs and all the pleasures of life. Take time to reconnect; remind her why you fell in love with her in the first place. It could be a simple picnic or a drive away from home. Taking some time away from reality can help her relax and forget all the issues she may have been having. It is also such a great bonus for your relationship. However, if your pocket is not as empty, vacations are increasingly becoming more and more affordable. After a little saving, with deals in companies like Bonfire Adventures, you can afford to go a small vacation.


When I say gifting, I do not necessarily mean expensive gifts. One can gift in inexpensive ways. It could be simple jewellery engraved with a personal message. She would definitely appreciate the personal touch. You could also send her flowers to work. Probably brighten up a gloomy work day for her. Leaving small love notes around the house can also be a very romantic gesture that makes her feel loved and appreciated. 20 ways to impress your special lady.

Helping her out

Now, this is a simple yet such a lovely gesture. Help her out with the house chores once in a while. Surprise her with a clean house or clean dishes when she gets home. You would be surprised how far a small gesture can go. If you notice she has been having a hard time at work or generally, book a spa day for her. Let her get her problems pampered away. Alternatively, you can always be her personal masseuse. Now that right there is perfect for bonding.

Contrary to popular opinion, women are not all that complicated. Sometimes they do not need all that glitz and glam. They just need a show of love; they want to know that they are appreciated and loved. You would be surprised how far these small acts of love go as far as making your relationship that much better. Here are 50 ways to be romantic on the cheap.

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