5 Kitchen Products To Use In Your Beauty Regimen


The beauty industry is growing larger by the minute. There are new products in the market every day and women are not shying away from buying what they believe works for them. However, just like any good whose demand is high, their prices can sometimes be a little bit harsh for the pocket.

The average woman spends a couple of thousand shillings on store-bought beauty products. As men like to put it, ‘women have the equivalent of a small shamba locked away in their beauty cabinets.’ The struggle is real. However, staring at you right in the face are options that can save you a pretty penny. Using kitchen products in your beauty regime not only saves you money but also protects you from harsh chemicals found in other manufactured products. Some of these products include:


This is one of the most common household items in many homes. The great thing about milk is, its health benefits start from simply ingesting it. So its beauty options are only a plus. First, according to Youbeauty, it works as a great cleanser and toner. Just rinse your face or body (make sure there is enough left for tea) with a little cold milk. The lactic acid works wonders on your skin. It softens your skin by removing dead skin cells without drying it out. It also works to clear our any zits you may have.

Secondly, when mixed with bananas, honey, and olive oil, it makes a conditioner-like cream that one leaves for about an hour. It leaves your hair feeling smoother and looking shinier! Check out more The beauty benefits of milk

Olive Oil

This is actually not a recent development. Olive oil as a beauty product was apparently used by the ancient ruler of Egypt Cleopatra. It has antioxidants that work beautifully for your hair, skin, and nails.

For the hair, it can be used as shampoo conditioner by massaging it gently into your scalp then waiting for a couple of minutes before washing it off. If you struggle with dandruff it is advised to mix it with coconut oil then oil your hair every once in a while.

For the skin, from experience, it works perfectly as a makeup remover as opposed to wet wipes. Just dab a little on your cotton bud. Then in circular motions run it through your face for a clean moisturized feel. Sometimes applying nail polish on our nails over long periods of time can cause them to be discoloured. Dipping your nails in a mixture of olive and coconut oil helps bring your nails back to their natural colour. The olive oil penetrates the skin and nail to help fix damaged nails.


Tumeric has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities that make it an amazing beauty product. When mixed with honey, it works as a great face mask. Tumeric is said to lighten skin pigmentation which works to even out your skin tone. For women with oily skin, you can also use this to make your skin less oily.

Our bodies are prone to stretch marks due to overstretching of our skin. Tumeric mixed with yoghurt helps lighten the appearance of stretch marks. This requires continuous application until the stretch marks seem less conspicuous.


Our hair requires continuous nourishment. That is why we stuff our hair with numerous products. Healthy hair comes from a perfect balance of protein and moisture. Dry hair gets weak and is prone to breaking which stunts growth.

Mayonnaise is a double-edged sword. To boost up the protein, add an egg or two to form a deep conditioner. It seals moisture into the hair cells, hydrating the hair and making it shinier. The protein in the mayonnaise plus the eggs sips into the hair scalp and penetrates deep into the follicles to stimulate hair growth. It can sometimes leave behind a funky smell so it is best if you wash it out completely and apply a sweet smelling oil after.

Baking soda

Sodium bicarbonate is an affordable product with miraculous properties. On hair, if you notice that you have over build-up of product in your hair, applying baking soda removes excess oils and impurities leaving your hair fuller and light.

If the normal deodorant does not seem to be working for you, adding a little baking soda to a sweet smelling oil works as an amazing deodorant. It keeps your scent intact the entire day. 5 Natural Deodorant Alternatives That You Should Try.

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