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With the craziness that comes with being human, every once in a while, people tend to fall behind. Burn-out catches up with you and yet rest is a luxury you simply cannot afford. The most common choice made at this point is resorting to energy boosters. The unfortunate thing is that most of the products on the shelves are not particularly kind to the human body. Caffeine is among the most common ingredients and while it may give you an immediate spike in energy it results in a crash afterwards due to low blood sugar. It is wiser to make healthier choices in order to not only keep up energy levels but also ensure long-term positive results. The following are bound to help you make the right choice;

  1. Ginseng

This is a slow-growing perennial plant commonly found in North America and Eastern Asia. In the description, it has light-coloured fork-shaped roots, a long stalk and green oval leaves. The root is the main source of its acclaimed properties as an energy booster and is available in dried form. The leaf too has been said to have quite some medicinal properties although this is not as highly prized.

In small regulated doses, this root is the healthiest of all energy boosters. It can be taken in capsules or boiled and the resultant water ingested. It is worth mentioning that mixing it with other medication could cause complications. It is therefore advisable to consult your physician first.

  1. Quinoa

This is a grain crop grown for its edible seeds. Quinoa is gluten-free and is grown mainly for its high nutritional content. What makes this such a healthy energy boosting food is its high protein and fibre content. These two increase metabolism in the brain and muscle cells which causes the production of energy while simultaneously significantly reducing blood sugar. It also contains a 15% of the RDA amount iron content. This increases blood circulation and thus oxygen transport in the body which stimulates the brain and keeps it active to match the body’s energy level.

  1. Tyrosine

This is a non-essential amino acid commonly referred to as ‘Nature’s Caffeine’. It is present in high protein foods such as chicken, turkey, fish, peanuts, almonds, cheese and milk. Due to its impact on the brain and in the synthesis of structural protein, studies show that it can be used to lower stress hormone levels which are prime suspects in the factors causing low energy levels. It also significantly reduces stress-induced weight. Clinical studies show that those that take more tyrosine in their diets are more active and alert. This is because tyrosine improves cognitive and physical performance and assures of no anxiety jitters associated with caffeine. Eating peanut butter, for example, paired with an apple sliced is a delicious way to boost your energy due to its tyrosine content.

  1. Fruits

This list would be lacking horribly if fruits were not included. They happen to be the most natural of all energy boosters due to their high Vitamin C content which not only boosts immunity but also provides an avenue for all other supplements to properly benefit the body. Combined, they stabilize blood sugar, eliminate dehydration, activate the thyroid to increase metabolism, enhance nerve and muscle control. All these ensure that you feel energized for longer.

  1. Water

Tiredness and fatigue are common symptoms of dehydration which comes about as a result of intense sweating, or consumption of little, if any, fluids. Dehydration causes systems to slow making you feel sluggish and irritable. Staying hydrated is a sure way to rejuvenate cells, flush out toxins, provide a medium for energy production and thus give an energy boost. This can be done by taking water directly, 8 glasses being the recommended standard. Eating fruits and vegetables with high water content is another option. Given that cayenne pepper also speeds up metabolism, adding a dash of it to your glass of water can serve as an even better energy booster.

You can also use chia as an energy booster. Read more about it – 10 Health Benefits Of Chia Seeds. Also here are other boosters Feeling sluggish and tired? Here’s how to get your sparkle back. Reader’s Digest also has some great tips to check out – 25 Natural Energy Boosters That Just Might Change Your Life.

What every person needs are lasting solutions to keep them alert and active all day. The above mentioned natural healthy energy boosters are bound to do just that and more. Their individual attributes are also quite the added advantage because increased metabolism translates to fat burning which serves to ensure a fit and healthy body. Now you know just what to pack in your lunch bag!

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