Review: You Must Try Out The Yummy Steaks At Ole Sereni’s Eagle Steak House


“There is only one right way to eat a steak – with greed in your heart and a smile on your face.”
― Soumeet Lanka

I love food and the love of meat is up there. So, when we got a chance to visit the Eagle Steak House at Ole Sereni I was looking forward to some good food and a fantastic view of the Nairobi National Park.

The Eagle Steak House is at the top of Ole Sereni Hotel and you get a chance to feast not just with your taste buds but your eyes as well. From the beautiful décor to the view of the park, there is enough eye candy to make you happy.


We were at the Ole Sereni for the launch of the new Express Business Lunch menu. The steakhouse was originally open only for dinner but requests by customers has made them open for lunch. When you taste the food, you will understand why.

The steakhouse serves signature steaks, meat cuts of several different types and a fresh variety of seafood. We were having meat and the chefs did not disappoint with their different types of nyama choma which had different tastes and textures.

This was my favourite cut. Meat that melts in your mouth

We had beef and pork dishes, made with the best cuts from farmer’s choice. The meat just melted on the tongue, we had delicious red meat. The food went down well with the drinks, I was having wine and it complimented the meat quite well.

The meat was so good but at some point even I had to surrender because I couldn’t eat anymore. We had different cuts of meat, from beef fillet, lamb, beef striploin steak, pork lollipops,beef topside served with chips, onion rings, salads, and sauces.

If you have a client you want to impress or you want to take your girl out for lunch and she loves meat then Eagle’s Steakhouse is the way to go. The “Express Lunch’ offer is available every day from noon to 4pm, with 2 course set menus at Ksh 2000 and 3 courses at Ksh 2,500.

There is a vegetarian option for those who don’t eat meat from the a la carte menu.

I would definitely recommend that you try out the Eagle’s Steakhouse, you will not be disappointed. I will be thinking about those juicy gourmet steaks for a long time – they were that delicious. The meat was well seasoned, juicy, and tender – finger licking good. And for some reason I fell in love with their fresh apple juice, I don’t know what they put in it but it was the best apple juice I have drank in a long time.

I liked the service. The staff were very professional and quite fast in serving. I will definitely make my way over there again because that nyama choma was a meat lover’s dream. What better way to spend an afternoon then with some great food, some fantastic company and a great view over the park?


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