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We often say children are gifts from God. They spread cheer and love and have a way of bringing people together. A baby shower is a way to celebrate the expected delivery of a child by presenting the mother with gifts that make her initial motherhood stages a little easier. Getting gifts, however, is not as easy. So, if you have a baby shower coming up soon, here are a few ideas for gifts for what to get her, you can even team up to get the gift.

Portable Baby Bed

Now, these normally come in different shapes and sizes. The most common ones which are a little pocket friendly are the ones fitted with soft padding to act as the bed and a little net used to cover it. They come in handy when a mother is working in the sitting room and wants to watch her baby without necessarily keeping her in the cot. It replaces placing your baby on the ground on a blanket too. Their advantage is that they prevent the baby from moving around too much.

Modern Diaper Bags

A mother cannot just stuff a baby’s essentials in her handbag. The diaper bag becomes her new handbag whenever she wants to leave the house with her baby. It carries feeding bottles, medicines, baby clothes, toys, pacifiers and anything your baby needs while away at home. Think of selecting bags that fit the properties of a good diaper bag.Use the mother’s preferences to select a bag she would love.

Baby Carriers

If the new mum wants to go out for a walk or go out with the baby, a baby carrier makes it so much easier. If she wants to do a few light chores too, it allows her to bond with her baby. It is important to buy carriers that do not have weak or uncomfortable straps. This can cause the baby to be a fussy and a fussy baby is a crying baby.

Baby Onesies

A new mother can attest to constantly having to change their baby especially if they keep spilling. They also work with diapers since they are not that bulky keeping the baby feeling comfortable. Mothers claim to use them under normal clothing since it works as great attire for layering to keep the baby warm.


Cute baby. Image via http://viploaded.com/2017/06/13/8-dangers-sharing-child-photos-online-every-kenyan-parent-know/


Selecting beautiful blankets or shawls for the mother is a special baby shower gift. A blanket is used to swaddle a baby in their crib. A recent study showed that children attach emotional importance to blankets so much so that she may associate it with sleeping. So if a mother uses the same blanket in a car or somewhere away from the baby’s bed, the baby falls asleep easier.


I know this may seem too common but any mother would tell you how it is a much needed gift. Babies go through a lot of diapers in their first months. News Kids Center states that children can use up to 10 diapers a day. So buying this for an expectant mother would be a dream come true and saves her a lot of money in the process.

Featured image via https://www.babycentre.co.uk

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