A Girl, Two Guys And A Baby Bump


When she packed up and left, I was not surprised. The last few months had been hell. That’s the thing about relationships. You argue for so long that you forget why or what you were arguing about. Forgetting to buy milk would quickly turn into World War III. Her friends only made things worse. On days when things got so bad, I would go out with my boys. I would later return home to find a group of chatty ladies cosily seated in my living room. Silence would fill the room the moment I got in – an indication that I was the topic of conversation. After retreating to our room, they would resume their normal chatty behaviour until early into the morning.

Not to point fingers, but every time Sue met up with her friends, she came back with new material for our arguments. One week I was oppressing her and the other I was smothering her. I just could not keep up. So when she had finally had enough of our relationship, she left. I felt a bit of relief coupled with sadness. Sue had been the only girl I had been with for 5 years. I did not know how to be alone.  I however needed to man up so to speak. I had to deal with the hand I was dealt and play to win. To be honest, the first couple of weeks were hard. Going into the second-month post the breakup was however bearable. I had begun to feel comfortable with doing things for myself and enjoying the solitude.

On one Thursday morning, as I was headed to work, I got a strange call from Mama Sue. While dating Sue, me and her mother had always been close. The call, however, was a little surprising.


‘Hello, Drew. It’s Mama Sue.’

‘Of course, I know who I am talking to,’ I replied smiling.

‘I had to to be sure. I did not think you would still have my number since you know…..’ her voice faded off into the background and there was an awkward silence.

‘Never Mum,’ I said enthusiastically, ‘You can always call me whenever you need to.’

‘Speaking of that, we need to talk, urgently.’ She quickly replied.

For a second, I was disoriented. So much so I decided to park my car at the side of the road for a minute.

‘Is Sue okay?’ I asked

‘She is fine. She is very fine. I just need to have a little word with you,’ Mama Sue cordially replied.

I could breathe easy now. Sue and I did not part on the best of terms but my heart still held a soft spot for her. I definitely would not want any harm to come to her. However, Mama Sue had piqued my curiosity. I wanted to meet her as soon as possible.

‘Okay, mum. We can meet today for lunch at Sue’s favourite restaurant. How is that?’

‘Today sounds perfect. Tell me when you get there,’

I started the engine to my car and rushed to work; I was already late. I could barely concentrate at work. My mind replayed different scenarios of Mama Sue’s agenda. At lunchtime, I hurriedly left the office and headed to Azura Restaurant. We had been there so many times with Sue I could practically get there blindfolded. I found her already settled down.

‘My son, it is so great to see you,’ she said as she stood up to hug me.

‘It is lovely to see you too Mum. I am glad we can talk even after what happened between me and your daughter,’

‘Speaking of Sue,‘ she started as she sat back down, ‘ there is something going on with her.’

‘I thought you told me that she is fine.’

‘She is. She is. It is just that ….She is pregnant.’

I have always thought people exaggerate a little when they say their minds were racing. However, at that moment, that is how my mind felt. Like I had just hurriedly chugged down 7 alcoholic shots at a go. Am I going to be a father? How was this going to work? How were we going to raise a child when…

‘She forbade me to tell you but I thought it necessary that you know. She is a little scared to share the news with you,’ Mama Sue cut short my thoughts.

‘Why would she be afraid to tell me. Mum you know I would take responsibility for my child regardless of where we are at with Sue. You know that.’

‘It is not that. It is because she is not sure if you are the father.’

‘Wait what? What does that mean? I asked shocked.

‘Well…’ She paused, ‘the very same day she left you, she got involved with another man.’

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