House Hunting: 5 Tips For Finding Your New Home


When we were children, many of us were oblivious to the struggles of getting a house. After all, we did live in the loving homes of our parents. It is not until we are all grown up that the struggle of house hunting dawns on us. It is never easy to find a house that suits your needs. It can get a little hectic and mostly frustrating. You can find yourself taking ages before you settle on a house of your choice. Here are a few tips that should help you find your way.

Figure out what you want

When it comes to selecting a house, your intention is to find a place you can call home. So you definitely need it to fit your specific needs. Figure out what things are a must have in your house and those that you are willing to compromise on. House hunting blindly will only serve to eat more time and will most likely cause you to end up with a house you do not like. Figure out the areas you would be okay living in, how many bedrooms you want, and security measures so it can be easier to narrow it down real quick.

Do your research

Now that you know what you want, it is time to start looking. If you are eyeing a specific place, it is not all that hard to visit a couple of rentals or houses around the area. However, when you have not narrowed it down, you may have your hand’s full rushing from one area to another. Online research has become a quicker way to access various properties before going out to check them out. This way, you can narrow down the list, then go check out the ones you are interested in later. Some sites one can use include; Jumia House Kenya,  Keja Hunt , Buy Rent Kenya among others. These sites help you navigate through the selection of houses as you peruse through the pictures to view the different sections of the house. However, beware of scammers. Make sure the website is credible and the company leasing these properties can vouch for them.

View the house

After going through various options online, it is important that you visit the house so you can see it for yourself. What you see is what you get is not always the case. People have learned to take and edit beautiful pictures that go along with these houses. Some go as far as stealing other pictures to pass them off as their own. So just to be sure that what you saw is what is on the ground, book a visit with the company leasing the property. Some sites offer free site visits while some may charge a fee. If it is through a friendly referral, the caretaker shows you around the house in most cases. If you are a lady don’t go house hunting alone, it is safer to go with somebody. It doesn’t hurt to have security.

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Check the conditions

While visiting the houses, ensure that you inspect the house. Check the plumbing, water connection, waste collection facilities and electric connection. Most of the people showing you these houses will rarely tell you about what is wrong with the house. If possible, get to walk around the neighbourhood and ask the tenants already living there the conditions of the house. Especially in areas with water shortages, you never really know how bad it is before you actually move in. A little advice from the tenants may help you in the long run.

Figure out your finances

In addition to figuring out if you can afford the rent, ensure that you know all other charges that may be included. This includes waste disposal charges, security charges, and collective lighting charges. Also, it is important to have an estimate of how much you may spend on water and electricity. This way you do not risk living beyond your means. Add up the total and let it lean on the higher side just to be safe. Ensure that you can afford the costs you are about to undertake. There is no use to move in just so you can move out in a month or so.

As you go on your house hunting activities, make it an enjoyable escapade. You are looking for a home, try not to stress yourself out too much.

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