4 Tips For Getting A Perfectly Tailored Suit


There is something about a man who wears a suit. It is one of those items that should not miss in a man’s wardrobe. It is after all the staple formal wear for men. What you wear says a lot about who you are. People have increasingly attached great importance to the type of clothes they wear. You only need to examine the industry that has been built on the back of that notion – The Fashion Industry.

Even though men have different personalities, the suit is the one piece that unifies them. Designer brands like Tom Ford, Hugo Boss and Brioni have made a killing from simply mastering the art of making great suits. You see, it is not enough to just wear a suit; it has to be a great fit. The thing about a well-fitting suit is that you cannot just pick it from a rack in a store. It has to be tailor-made to fit your body in every way. Men: How to look good in a suit


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Some of the tips to get a well-tailored include;

Select the right fabric

Suits can be made of wool, polyester, cotton etc. Selecting the right material for the suit you want is vital. Some materials are warm and are accustomed to colder weather while some are light and work well in warmer climatic conditions. There is also need to select the right fabric depending on the occasion.

According to Fashion Galleria, there is no need to worry if you do not know much about suits. Your tailor should be able to suggest the correct fabric based on style, budget, and occasion. It is important to note that different varieties of suits have different prices. Cashmere and silk suits are on the upper side expense wise, with cotton and wool being on the more affordable side. Fashion Galleria also gives you tips on styles or personality types of each suit type.

Get fitted

Wearing an oversized suit makes you look lumpy while wearing an undersized suit just makes it look unflattering. None of these choices is a great look on any man. Ensuring that the suit will be a great fit is extremely important. Most tailors say that the fit starts with the shoulders. Men’s shoulders are probably one of the most pronounced upper body parts. They serve as a great start when it comes to fitting a suit.

Ensure that your tailor takes all the required measurements. Pattern and style are important and have a significant effect on how the suit will fit. Your tailor should know how to take the correct measurements to produce a perfectly fitting suit. You can also educate yourself on the qualities of a great fitting suit.

According to Fashion Galleria here is how to tell what fit is best for you.

  • The Slim Fit: The Slim Fit Suit is a narrow-cut suit without much excess in fabric. This leads to a tighter fit that looks more modern than a regular fit suit, flattering to the wearer’s body.
  • The Skinny Fit: The Skinny Fit Suit is very similar to the Slim Fit Suit however the Skinny Fit relates to an overall look. The difference is usually in the bottom of the leg. Skinny Fit is tight to the leg all the way down and slim carries on from the calf without hugging the ankle.
  • The Classic Fit: The Classic Fit Suit is still the most popular and common type of suits being worn by men across the world. A Classic Suit is a bit roomier and leaves sufficient room between fabric and body. The shoulders are wide enough to allow for free movement of your arms. The fitting of the trousers in the Classic Fit is relaxed and you feel more room inside when moving.
  • The Tailored Fit: Exactly as the heading implies, the Tailored Fit is customized to your body and your choice. This is what is called a Bespoke Suit. Be it for use in business (where you may require some movement and flexibility) or for party engagements (where you may need it too look a little extravagant and noticing) or for overall use (Business or Casual and whatever the reasons may be, a go-to suit dark blue or black suit) the Tailored Suit is exactly what you want.

Check the Collar Gap

This is one of the most common mistakes most tailor’s make. A collar gap is a space between the suit’s jacket collar and the shirt collar. A huge collar gap can come originate from an imperfect fit of the shoulders or failure to adjust measurements to fit a client’s neck size. As stated before, ensure the tailor takes correct measurements of the shoulder area because one hiccup can ruin an otherwise great suit. A big collar gap makes the suit lack that final elegant finish.

Wear it before you buy

Though you would think this goes without saying, men, unlike women, are not too keen on wearing clothes before they purchase them. They probably think it is a waste of time and too much of a hustle. However, it is important to note that even tailors are not perfect. They do make mistakes. So just before you take your suit home, take your time and try it on and see how it fits. This way, if there is a need for any alterations, they are spotted before you get home. Check for the shoulder and waist fit, ensure that it does not look too buggy or small. It is also important to try it on with a shirt to ensure that the cuffs are a perfect fit instead of having a shirt that excessively pops from the suit sleeves.

So even if your line of work does not require suits or you are just not a suit kinda guy, ensure you have at least one or two pairs of suits in your collection. You never know, an event can pop up from anywhere.

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