Hair Care: 5 Tips For Maintaining Relaxed Hair


With more women deciding to have the big chop, the natural hair community is growing larger by the day. However, there are some women who still prefer to keep their hair relaxed. Some like myself are victims of coarse hair. Hair that can only be compared to steel wool bundled in a box. The idea of combing that natural hair every morning is enough to depress you. Having had relaxed hair for the last couple of years, there are a few tricks of the trade that I have picked up along the way.

  1. Getting a trusted experienced hairstylist

Every woman’s head is different; different textures, length, and type. Having a hairdresser who understands your hairs needs is vital in keeping your relaxed hair healthy. The hairstylist undertakes not only the duty of styling your hair but also the responsibility of advising you on how to maintain it. She/he tells you about the dos and don’ts, hair products to use and how often to use these products.

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  1. Treat your hair regularly

Salon appointments should be a frequent activity in your schedule. Relaxed hair, unlike other hair, is extremely fragile due to the chemicals used to straighten and soften it. This makes it prone to breakage when combing or styling it. Regular treatments strengthen the hair and help it retain its shine and glow. The choice between protein and moisture based treatments should be made with the help of your hairstylist.

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  1. Texlaxing

To reduce chemical damage to your hair, one can opt for the option of texlaxing. This involves underprocessing your hair by reducing the time the chemical sits on your head. This prevents completely straightening the hair out which may cause the development of weak hair.

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  1. Protecting hair edges

As stated before, relaxed hair is prone to breakage. More so the ends of the hair strands. Letting your hair down allows the breeze to access your scalp relaxing your head. It is however advised that you keep your hair edges tucked every once in a while through the use of protective styling. On the bright side, it gives you the chance to try out different hairstyles because relaxed hair is very easy to style.

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  1. Do your research

As much as your hairstylist will chip in and advise you about your haircare, no one should know more about your hair than you do. Make an effort of noticing your hair patterns and how it may react to different products. After this is important to do your research on products that may work better for your hair. This way, your home care routine works for the development of stronger healthier hair.

Failure to take care of relaxed hair has dreadful repercussions. The drastic hair loss can leave your hair resembling the light fur of a cat. Taking care of relaxed hair simply involves creating a hair schedule and strictly adhering to it. This will go a long way in developing stronger, healthier relaxed hair.  This article by Wikihow has some fantastic tips for taking care of your relaxed hair – Take Care of Relaxed African Hair.

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