Tecno Unveils The Tecno Phantom 8 In Kenya


TECNO Mobile is the premium mobile phone brand of Transsion Holdings with a comprehensive mobile devices portfolio across feature phones, smartphones, and tablets. TECNO Mobile is the pioneer phone brand aiming to create an entertainment ecosystem tailor-made based on the needs and habits of young consumers across markets on an Android platform. This customization differs from each market and target audience.


I was privileged to be among the 100 plus guests who attended the launch of Tecno’s latest smartphone edition in Kenya- the Phantom 8. The Phantom 8 offers the customer an undeniable experience with its magnificent camera. However, we are getting ahead of ourselves. The Phantom 8 features include;


One of the most amazing things about the phone is its 7.9mm thickness. Its slim nature is sure to make it a crowd pleaser as many customers prefer slimmer phones. The phone has a full metal body with a 2.5 Curved edge glass screen which makes it look that much more attractive. The metal body adds to its smooth and glassy cover which makes it appear shiny.

The device comes in a full HD 57-inch screen with a resolution of 1080*1920 pixels which allows one to view clear images. It has a 2 sim slot allowing for both the Nano and micro sim cards.


The greatest attribute of this phone by far is its camera. It has a rear dual lens camera with 12 MP and 13MP. The 12MP camera has a telephoto lens of 2X Zoom while the 13 MP camera outmatches it with 10X Superzoom. The camera auto refocus gives the ability to keep a subject in a photo in focus thus giving one crisp and clear photos.

The rear camera, however, has nothing on the 20mp front camera. The camera has a dual led flash thus one can take quality selfies even in areas with low lighting.  This front camera is said to be 30% brighter than its predecessor. It also has a smooth mode to remove blemishes and brighten mode to lighten your selfies.

The camera is the biggest feature of this phone. According to Google’s Consumer Barometer, 73% and 70% of smartphone users access their mobiles to takes photos or videos. They, therefore, catered to this demand by creating a phone with exemplary camera qualities.


Another area that makes this phone a must have is its RAM and ROM. The Tecno Phantom 8packs a whole 6GB RAM which supports up to 80 applications at the same time. This is basically saying you can run all your applications at the same time without affecting the phone’s perfomance.

The device has an Octa-core processor that hits 2.6 GHz fast processing speeds.

Its internal memory is a warping 64GB. If that is not enough, the memory can be expanded up to 2 Terabytes via external micro SD. This way you can flood your phone with everything you need without having to ever delete or move anything.


With the number of applications you can run at a go, a powerful battery should be part of the package. The devices 3500Ah Li-lon battery can last up to 150 minutes with only 10 minutes of charging battery time.

Fingerprint reader

The phone has a fingerprint reader at the rear end. It just takes a few seconds for the device to scan your fingerprints and then unlock the phone. This goes a long way in enhancing your phone security since it is designed to read your specific fingerprint.


If you are looking for a phone with amazing camera features, large storage memory, and a fast processing unit, I would definitely recommend it. In my opinion is a wholly inclusive phone. It does not sacrifice one aspect for the other. It offers great features all around each working to maximize the owner’s experience.

The phone currently goes for Kshs 36,999.

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