The Sarova Stanley Cake Mixing 2017


As is tradition, The Sarova Stanley Hotel hosted its annual cake mixing ceremony in its beautiful courtyard. This cake mixing ceremony is an old age tradition that marks the beginning of the festive season. Here, guests and staff members come together and mix the ingredients used to make the signature fruitcake to be sold by Sarova Stanley all through the festive season.

As we walked into the venue we were ushered with drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) as people mingled and networked. The tables were also filled with nuts and crisps to act as bitings. When the ceremony started, everyone wore their kitchen attire; aprons, hairnets, chef hats and gloves for health purposes.  We then gathered around the table where all the ingredients were. The ingredients include; raisins, blackcurrants, haluwa, apricots, figs, and cashew nuts which are the dry ingredients. These are later mixed with the wet ingredients which are; wine, rum, brandy and whiskey, honey, syrup, and vanilla essence.


Once the mixing is over, the product is stored in boxes and left to ferment for about a month before the cakes are baked. After the cake mixing, we were treated to a cocktail party. People indulged in all manner of drinks including wine, juice, soda, and beer. Numerous bitings which included chicken wings, pork, meatballs, fruity delicacies etc. did the rounds.

The event ended with a couple of games which allowed the guests to interact and mingle some more. It was truly a thrilling experience. So if you are a customer in need of lovely fruit cakes this season, be sure to check out Sarova Stanley Fruitcakes. If the aroma of that mixture is anything to go by, the cake will be a lovely treat.



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