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In recent months, Apple has had three new iPhone releases. iPhone X being the latest. The iPhone X (or iPhone 10) was launched as a celebratory device to mark the 10th year of the iPhone line being in existence. In Nairobi, the iPhone X was unveiled at an exciting event at the Sankara Hotel courtesy of Redington Kenya Limited. 

This amazing device has an all-screen display that precisely follows the curve of the device with no border allowance. The entire face of the phone is a screen, and now here we have iPhone X,” said Mr. Sajan Thomas, Regional Business Head East Africa for Redington

The Design

The iPhone X design seems to have won the hearts of many with an edge-to-edge screen and lack the usually present home button. It also comes with a sleek silver and space grey colour options with a front and back all-glass design.

The all-glass front and back design features the most durable glass ever in a smartphone with a highly polished surgical grade stainless steel band that seamlessly wraps around and reinforces it. It also has an optical layer that enhances its rich colours making it as elegant as it is durable.

The Specs

The iPhone X has 5.8-inch screen with high resolution. It is powered by Apple’s A11 Bionic Chipset and comes pre-installed with iOS version 11.1.1 with 3 GB RAM and internal memory options of 64 GB or 256 GB. It also features a 12MP rear camera and a 7MP True Depth front camera.

What’s New?

Despite the obvious difference in specs of the iPhone X compared to the previous ranges of iPhones, the X has distinct structural and functional upgrades and changes that are somewhat unfamiliar to regular iPhone users. They include:

·         The lack of a home button means that you need to relearn how to use the phone. New gestures control things. For instance, to get to the home screen, you swipe up from the bottom. This was previously how to access the control centre. To get to the control center on the iPhone X, you swipe down from the corner. To view active apps, previously you had to double tap the home button, on the X, you swipe up and hold for other apps. A side button also controls Siri.

·         The True Depth front camera is perhaps the biggest addition and the first ever of its kind on a smartphone. The camera now unlocks your phone with Face ID that has replaced touch ID. The 3D face mapping is the only way to unlock your phone without your normal passcode.

·         The True Depth camera also brings emojis to life with Animoji, an animated emoji feature that comes with the iOS 11 feature of the iPhone X. It captures and analyses of 50 facial muscle movements and animates the expressions with a dozen options.

·         The iPhone X is also designed for the augmented reality experience by being precision-engineered to resist dust and water.

·         The display features the first ever OLED screen on an iPhone. The same screen used by Samsung and LG.

·         Wireless charging is on board too!

“Wireless Charging will not be an issue for the iPhone X users since the glass back design enables a world-class wireless charging solution. The wireless charging works with the established Qi ecosystem” said Mr. Johnson – Head of Sales, East Africa, Redington


The Cost

The new iPhone X will be retailing from $1250 and $1400 respectively. Customers will be able to purchase iPhone in stores from Friday, December 15th at 12:01 am and upon any order, one will receive a free Belkin Wireless charger. The product is available in all retail Safaricom stores.


First Things First

GET A CASE! Seriously, Do it immediately you buy the phone. With its all-glass design, that makes the iPhone X relatively fragile. Broken screens are an occupational hazard to every phone owner, the repair costs for iPhones are not particularly pocket-friendly. Plus, you may be in danger of breaking both sides of the phone.

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