Quick And Easy Ways To Make Your Meals A Little More Exciting


I would not classify myself as a foodie. I am just one of those kitchen scavengers who eat whatever they come across. The thing with people like me is we find ourselves in the kitchen whether we are hungry or not. Eating the same old things can get a little boring. So we mash things up and once in a while, we get good results. Come to think of it, most new recipes originate from a love of experimenting with food or simply wanting a quick and easy way out of the kitchen (with food of course). But hey, the end justifies the means, right? So let me share with you a couple of ideas you can try and switch things up.

Makeshift tortillas

Traditional tortillas are basically made by mixing unleavened cornmeal or wheat flour with water to form a dough. Seeing as we about to skip that whole step, it is safe to say these are makeshift tortillas. These version of tortillas are way easier to make. Simply start by making pancakes as you normally do. So you will require some flour, baking powder, eggs, sugar, salt, milk and some essence if you prefer it. Let the pancakes be really thin and a little crisp.

Once you are done preparing your pancakes, this is the fun part. Simply open your fridge, look at your fruit stash, pick what you like and mix them all together. It can be leftover meat, avocado, beans or even fried eggs. You can add mix whatever you think works together. Afterward, wrap them all in your pancake and have at it. You can also top the mix in the pancake with mayonnaise or even ketchup if you would like. This makes such a perfect breakfast switch away from the norm.


Fries with chips. Image from http://kouzinacousins.com/?p=754

Fries 2.0

If you are the kind that buys fries and fails to finish them, then you know that overnight fries do not taste as good as fresh fries. So when you wake up the next day and want to eat your fries as a snack or even for a quick lunch, they look dead and flavourless. However, you can always spruce them up, give a little life to them.

The first way you can do this is by use of eggs. Place your fries in a pan over medium heat. Let them fry a little in the oil they have already absorbed the first time they were fried. No need to add more oil since they could get soggy. After a while, beat your eggs on top of your fries and stir slowly ensuring that your fries are coated with the egg yolk or if you prefer egg whites. You can add a little black pepper to taste.

Alternatively, you can fry some onions in a pan, add the fries then chop up a bit of coriander (dania) and sprinkle it on the fries and let them fry for just a minute. As always, you can add a little black pepper to taste.


See what I did there? Rice is one of the main dishes in our households and it can get boring to eat the same boiled or fried rice over and over again. Sometimes it needs a little revitalization-a little lively kick. Once you are done preparing the rice as you normally do, chop up some onions in fine portions then place on medium heat. Once the onions are ready, add the already cooked rice into the sufuria. After a very short period, add whatever spices you want to taste. The most important ingredient in this recipe is the soy sauce. Add a generous amount of soy sauce to your rice then stir. Cover the sufuria and let the spices cook.

One can also add pieces of meat into the mix. I can attest that deboned chicken meat works perfectly into the mix.

Garlic spaghetti

If you do not like garlic, then I would not recommend this recipe. However, if you are a fan of garlic, you will definitely enjoy this. The thing I like about this recipe is how simple and time friendly it is. If you are low on time and there is no leftover food you can eat, grab your spaghetti and whip this up.

First, make the spaghetti as per usual. Boil water then place the spaghetti into the sufuria until they are ready. Once they are ready, empty them out into a container. Grind some garlic and some ginger and fry them with some onions. When they are fried, add the spaghetti and stir. The trick is to ensure that the spaghetti are moist and not dry. You can do this by running them through cold water before you mix them with the onion, garlic and ginger mixture. Chop up some coriander and sprinkle them on the spaghetti. Add salt, black pepper, cumin and maybe a little garlic powder if you are a garlic freak like me.

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