Entertainment: Narcos Is A Series To Check Out


Narcos is one of the few TV series of our age that lives up to the hype and Netflix really put themselves on the map to compete with networks like AMC and HBO. It shows the detailed account of Colombia’s drug lord, Pablo Escobar who is played by Wagner Moura, his rise to fame, wealth and power and the events that led to his eventual demise.

In season 1, they do a great job with the pilot episode and the following episodes get you hooked. The story mainly revolves around Pablo Escobar and the 2 DEA agents trying to arrest and prosecute him.  We follow Pablo Escobar’s story as he gets involved in the drug business by trading in Columbia then watch him as he spreads his entire empire across the United States. The series also tries to incorporate some bit of drama without really shadowing the subject matter.


Season 2 is the climax of Narcos with more cartels coming into play and more drama unravelling from the past. We get to see more interaction of Escobar and other drug Lords as the DEA agents still hot on his heels. The biggest difference between season 1 and 2 is that season 2 tends to humanize Escobar as opposed to the ruthless smart character we are used to seeing. He goes to great lengths in the name of love in this season.

Season 3 takes a completely different turn as it focuses on the events after the death of Pablo Escobar. The DEA Agents now focus on the drug dealers who took advantage of his death. This season shows how much power and leverage one man can possess even after his death with references still being made to Pablo. For the first time, the drug dealers and government make deals that are sure to keep you glued to the seat as you gaze on.

The show has been renewed for a season 4 but the release date is yet to be announced. The downsides to this show are that it tends to glorify drug trafficking and incorporating how law enforcement bend the law to suit their needs. However, if you have not watched it, this would the perfect show to binge watch it. It is best watched in audio Spanish and English subbed because it doesn’t make sense for all Colombians to speak English.

Narcos | Official Trailer Netflix 

Rating: PG-18 (for intense violence and action and nudity)

Genre: Drama, Action

Runtime: 45 minutes.

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