How To Gain Weight In A Healthy Way

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Gaining weight takes as much effort as losing weight. While it may not be the popular option for many people, there are those who wish to add a little muscle and meat to the bone. I have wanted to gain weight for a couple of years now. Truth is, I thought it was going to be a walk in the park. All I had was to stuff all the food I could eat and my body would react accordingly. Fries, Burgers, smokies, you name it. The problem with that approach is that you end up gaining weight in all the areas you would have preferred not to accompanied by the fact that you cannot climb a hill without panting. You basically become unhealthy. So just like losing weight, there are healthier options to gaining weight.

Find the right diet

Calories are just as important as nutrients. Basically, your goal is to increase muscle mass with a healthy proportion of body fat. So don’t go for just the energy foods. Get an all-around nutrient-packed meal. These meals should particularly be rich in carbohydrates and protein.

Anything from oily fish and red meat to whole grain bread and starchy vegetables are highly recommended. Dried fruits come packed with calories and you can eat them alone or toss them in your cereal. You can even laisse with a nutritionist to figure out a healthy diet plan.


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Do not Skip Meals

Your body is a 24/7 around the clock machine. At any given time there is some metabolism going on within you. If it stops, you’re dead. Every machine needs energy to operate – so does your body. Where does the energy come from? Fuel. The car has its diesel and you have your food. Simply put, your food fuels you. As you expel energy, your body burns calories. If you don’t take in food, it digs into your energy reserves (fat deposits). If your body depletes this, it starts converting your muscle fiber into energy.

Don’t wait for that to happen. Constantly take in nutrient-rich meals every five hours. This will prevent you from losing any tissue, including your muscle mass. In fact, it will add to it, consequently increasing your weight. Keep a regular eating regimen, and don’t skip meals.


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Take lots of juices and smoothies

Liquids are as beneficial as solid food. No, not water, but calorie-rich juices and condiments, yoghurt and milk. However, the best juices are 100% fruit juices. You purchase them or blend your own fruit concoction (this is better because you can be sure it doesn’t have any additives). Smoothies are a good option because you can also add healthy foods like wheat germ to them. You can also add some greens to make it healthier.


Use smoothies to help you gain weight. Check some out here


Gain Muscle Mass

Gaining healthy weight is more about gaining muscle than it is about gaining fat. You need to work out. The only difference between the working out when trying to lose weight and trying to gain weight is the type of workout. You concentrate on strength training as opposed to cardio. This allows you to burn lesser calories while still building muscle.

Avoid Some Food Habits

Foods like tea and coffee are good but avoid them immediately after meals. This is because they reduce mineral absorption, like for iron. Avoid eating the same thing day in and out. Sure you’ll gain weight, but you’ll do so unhealthily. Don’t swallow huge chunks of beef and food. The simple act of chewing your food properly will promote effective digestion.

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