Technology: Toshiba Unveils Storage Devices For Photographers And Videographers


The Toshiba Channel Connect, an event meant to foster collaboration between Toshiba and its channel members, exposed great technology useful to photographers and videographers. The Channel connect is an effort to increase the penetration of Toshiba’s new technology into Africa, at par with the rest of the world.

Under the ‘Go Africa’ initiative, Toshiba aims to bridge this gap by ensuring that whenever it launches new products, Africa gets them at the same time as the rest of the world.  “We are happy to be launching our ‘Go Africa’ initiatives to enhance customer experience through offering the latest technology and products, by empowering our channel partners with the necessary product and sales skills,” said Mr. Santosh Varghese, Toshiba’s General Manager for Middle East and Africa Digital Products and Services. Here are some of their high-performance devices from Toshiba that every photographer should have.

High-speed weather resistant Micro SD cards

High performing Toshiba Micro SD cards include the EXCERIA PRO M501, with storage capacities of up to 128 GB, a maximum read and write speed of 250 MB/s  and 270 MB/s respectively. This type of Micro SD cards is high capacity, able to support high-resolution video and burst-mode photography (photos captured in quick succession); perfect for both a DSLR camera, mobile phone and a sports camera.

Additionally, if you work in extreme environments e.g. water sports, then you are really going to enjoy the water and shock proofing features. If you travel a lot, the X-ray proofing is sure to make security checks a lot smoother (X-rays in security scanning machines wipe away data from a storage device that use conventional Micro SD cards). Moreover, if the worst happens and you lose all your information, the recovery software on the EXCERIA PRO Micro SD can help retrieve lost data.

Wireless SD Card

For those moments when you need to quickly transfer your photos or videos to your phone for immediate social media posting, or when every one of your seven excited friends can’t wait to see the pictures you just took on your camera, the FlashAir W-04 wireless SD cards are the perfect companion. Even without Wi-Fi connection, the SD card can connect and transfer content to mobile phones and workstations (Windows or OS X) while preventing the camera from shutting down during the connection between the devices.

Supercharged Hard Drive

When speed and reliability are a priority especially when editing photos, videos, gaming or multitasking on your computer, a Solid State Drive-commonly referred to as SSD, instead of the usual standard hard drive is the way to go. This will boost your computer’s access time (the time it takes for a computer to read data from its storage device) up to 25x faster, improve computer startup speed all with zero noise-the SSD drive contains no moving parts.

Canvio Devices

Every photographer/videographer has to have an external hard drive in their arsenal, it not only provides the space to store all that content- up to 3 TB for devices like the Canvio, but also offers portability, security and convenience in moving content across computers. External hard drives like the Canvio Alu and Advance, even have password locks and backup software just in case you lose data.

Additionally, for avid photographers using their smartphones as their tool of trade, a device like the Canvio for Smartphone, allows you to automatically back up your photos and videos while simultaneously charging your phone using the device. It is a combination of a phone battery and an external hard drive. In instances when you don’t feel like carrying your laptop, or are in a remote area and can’t access the internet, the Canvio for Smartphone still allows you to transfer stored data to another phone or extend your phone’s storage space by up to 500 GB. Technology is moving fast and the more access Africa has to products like Toshiba’s, the better our quality of work will get, putting us on a good footing to compete with the rest of the world.

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