5 Online Shopping Hacks to Help You Save Money

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Whoever came up with the idea of online shopping is a genius. Online shopping has slowly changed how we procure our products. A survey revealed that 85% of people in the world shop online. Do not get me wrong, I love going out there and shopping for clothes but sometimes I just want to get things I really like without the hustle of running around looking for them. However, as convenient as it may be, you may find yourself spending way more than you would have if you had simply just gone out to shop. So how do we shop online without breaking the bank too much?

Leave Items in Your Cart

Now, this is simply what we call ‘playing the system’. Whether shopping on international or local online platforms, do not empty your cart when you realize that you may not be able to afford all the goods.  If you are not in any hurry to purchase those goods, leave the items there. Vendors are notified when shoppers leave their preferred products in carts without purchasing them. This prompts them to send you discounts or other incentives that may motivate you to finish your purchase.


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Shop in Bulk

Avoid purchasing one item at a time unless it is really urgent. Simply scroll through the products, find something you like then add it to the cart. After a while after filling your cart with a couple of products, then you can purchase them. Some dealers give discounted prices or free delivery for products worth or above a certain amount of money. Also, in the event you have to pay for delivery, it is cheaper to pay for one package rather than a bunch of packages spread around over a short period of time. Another advantage of buying things in bulk is that it gives you time to figure out if you really do need the items you are purchasing or not.

Follow brands on social media

Most brands selling their products on their online platforms have social media pages. Follow the brands you are really like on their social media platforms. This way, you are in the loop in case they give product discounts, giveaways or promotions. Use this insider details to take advantage of any deals your favourite brands may be having.

Set Deals Alerts

For online platforms with a variety of vendors, set deal alerts. Simply register your email and password so that you can get notified when products or categories of products are having deals. This normally comes in handy during the holidays since there are always a bunch of deals in most if not all online shopping platforms.


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Have an extra transaction card

This was a lesson I had to learn the hard way. When buying things online, it is important to ensure that you understand the monetary implications of your purchase. For example, some prices may be discounted but maybe the discount kicks if you purchase a couple of the same products.  If it is overseas shipping, ensure that you understand the total cost of shipping beforehand. However, it is always safe to have an extra card to pay for your goods. This card should have a little more or an exact amount of money that you plan to spend on the goods. This way, in case there are some cash implications you missed, you do not get shocked the next time you get to the ATM.

Technology: The Dos And Don’ts Of Online Shopping

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