Why Owning A Pet Could Be Good For You


Pets, some of us cannot live without them, others cannot stand them. It is funny to think that the whole idea of keeping pets came from a certain individual who decided to take a random animal and domesticate it. Well, whoever started the pet revolution should be very proud. Thanks to his/her efforts, our houses are filled with either cats, dogs, parrots, hamsters, etc.  So we bring in an animal into our houses, feed it, love it and give it shelter- it is basically like taking care of a baby minus all the stress. Surprisingly bringing that pet into your home could have been a blessing in disguise even without your knowledge.


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Pets relieve stress levels

Don’t we all wish we could have a switch that turns off stress at the press of a button? Turns out you might have a stress reliever right there in your house. Petting is associated with the release of oxytocin which is a hormone linked to emotional bonding. It is also responsible for reducing anxiety and stress levels and enables to stay calm and relaxed. Simply petting can cause your blood pressure to drop and boost your mood.

Makes you more social

A study conducted on children between the ages of 6-10 years old showed that children with pets were found to be extremely sociable. This is because having a pet imparts various skills to children at a very young age which makes it easy for them to socialize. For instance, developing empathy. Giving your child the responsibility of taking care of a pet leads them to constantly put themselves in their pet’s shoes in order to understand their needs more.

This way, the child is able to remember to feed their pet because he/she does not want their pet to starve. This empathy becomes easily transferable to human beings and boosts their emotional intelligence. This allows them to interact better with other people even at an older age.

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Makes you more productive

For starters, owning a dog simply means that you have to walk it once in a while. This means that you are up and about most of the time which works great for your productivity. Additionally, if you are working from home, pets are the perfect distractions especially if a certain task is frustrating you. At first, your pet bothering you might anger you but the thing about animals especially cats is that they do not quit. You may end up laughing because your bothersome furry friend will just not back down. The distraction can take your mind off the task at hand which clams your mind down.

Teaches you Responsibility

If you are going to care for a pet, then you have to invest some time and money. You will need to feed it, ensure that it stays clean, give it a place to sleep and a place to relieve itself. Basically, it is like caring for a baby. All this requires you to have a routine to ensure that your pet does not starve to death. In a small way, having a pet teaches you to care for another being other than yourself.


Where are my single people at? Anyways, as much as pets can be owned by families or couples, they work as great companions for single people especially if one is living alone. Having a pet around makes one feel that there is another presence in the house. It even boosts one’s sense of belonging. Not to mention that they are also the best listeners too. To be honest, you can pour your heart out and spill some dark secrets all to a being that will not interrupt you or judge you. The only con is that they cannot talk or give you advice but sometimes it is just nice to get some things off your chest.


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