4 Kenyan Deals You Should Try Out


Our basic human nature compels us to always go for the most efficient option when it comes to living life. We are always looking for options that make our lives a little easier, cheaper or a little more convenient. That is basically the basis of the evolution of technology. So whenever we come across options that positively influence our lifestyles, we are quick to grab them. It has offers on food, money management or just avenues that are convenient to us. Here are a couple of deals that have been of great help in my day to day activities. If you see any that may appeal to your lifestyle you should definitely try it out.


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When I was first told of this deal, I honestly did not believe it. I was quickly proven wrong. Discoucher is a voucher booklet that offers exclusive discounts for various establishments ranging from restaurants, bars, hotels cafes, beauty salons and spas across the country. You can get buy one get one free offers, free meals, and drinks when you buy something else, etc. The book contains over 100 vouchers which are worth Kshs 500,000 in total. You buy the book for Kshs 2,000. The book not only saves you a lot of money especially if you love trying eating out but it also opens you to restaurants you may not know off. You can also gift the vouchers to friends for birthdays or anniversaries.


This is a free application that is available on the android play store. It is a recharge and payment application that awards prepaid airtime users with merchant deals. It caters to all mobile subscriptions in Kenya i.e. Safaricom, Telkom and Airtel. Whenever you need airtime, you use the application to buy credit then pay with an MPESA till number.

Every 10 shillings in airtime bought earns the user 10 points.  One can then use their accumulated points to cash out on deals offered by different merchants on the platform e.g., 200 points may reduce your restaurant fee to half its original price. The application also rewards their users with free airtime once in a while.

Lipa later

Lipa Later is a facility that allows one to access and use any electronic products they want as they pay for it in monthly instalments. The products range from phones, home theatres, laptops, cameras etc. All one has to do is identify an electronic device they want, apply on their website, then wait 24 hours or less to get feedback. If you are employed, you need to offer proof of employment and your 6-month MPESA statements. If unemployed, you need to show proof of owning a business and 6-month MPESA statements.

The application developers have partnered with various retail shops around Nairobi that provide the merchandise. This way you are able to acquire electronics even if you do not have the lump-sum amount in hand just yet. The instalment payment period can be as long as 12 months. Additionally, you can insure your products for a year by paying a premium. This way, if your product gets ruined before you finish paying for it, your money can be refunded.


This is an American company that maintains a collection of website coupons making them available for customers from all over the world. This website would be of great help if you are an avid online shopper. The website distributes 500,000 coupons over 50,000 stores of products ranging from accessories, clothes, beauty, furniture, electronics etc. The coupons range from discounted prices, free shipping, buy one get one offers or gifts that come with certain products. You can enjoy using these coupons on sites such as Amazon, Pretty Little Thing, booking of flights using Qatar Airways and Emirates etc. Their range of coupons is extensive. Each coupon contains a code which you should copy paste into the respective website for the discount or gift to be included in your purchase.

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