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If you are in campus you always need to make some extra cash, but you’re in class most of the day. If you have just completed campus, you might still be hitting the road looking for a job.  While getting a job in the modern day Kenya has become a non-paying job itself, more and more youth are making money out of writing. You don’t have to be a good writer, you only need to learn a few things (on your own) and you’re good to go. This can be writing academic stuff like essays, research papers and assignments or signing up for freelancing websites where you can write topical articles and reviews. Here we outline 5 different sites where you can sign up and start writing.


This is an article-writing site that has jobs listed for different types of writers. Beginners are classified under standard, then premium before they graduate to elite writers. Once you pick an assignment, you submit it upon completion and pick another one. That means you can’t pick two jobs at once. If clients give you good ratings, your account is promoted to premium, elite and eventually eliteplus. If, however, you get low ratings, you’ll be warned and eventually get banned. It used to be the most favourite for most online writers but the emergence of other sites has dethroned it.

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  1. Fiverr

On Fiverr you can actually earn from doing anything, not just writing. You can do voice-overs, translate, ghost-write a song for someone and get paid handsomely. Unlike in iWriter where the jobs are listed for you to select, in Fiverr you bid for a gig. You convince the buyer to give you the job. You can bid for as many gigs as you please. It is important to note that each job has a timeline.

  1. Upwork

Currently, this is the most popular and best freelancing website. What makes it the best is its pay, with writers earning from $5 to $100 for 500 words. You can also download the Upwork Team App which you can use to track your payments, bids, jobs awarded and communication with your clients. On this site, you get very many jobs offered by professional clients.

  1. Freelancer

This is the easiest site to get a job for even a writer who’s starting out. With the ease, it pays worst amongst all these sites, giving you $2 for 500 words. It is not the best place to go if you are an experienced writer who is serious about monetizing his/her work but if you are starting out and you need to know how to do it, then this is the perfect place to start. Like the other sites, you also bid here for jobs.

  1. PeoplePerHour

This site is UK-based and as a writer, most of the clients you will encounter are Britons. The jobs in this site range from translation, transcription, ghost-writing, designing, creating apps to many more. You also bid for jobs and wait for the buyer to choose. You send a proposal which has a small write up of what you can offer, an attachment of a sample and your budget.

To some, who began writing early before it became a hotcake, it’s been a blessing. Many have made a killing out of having these accounts, where they bid for tens of jobs and redistribute them to other writers who they pay a small fraction of what they earn. These can also be your clients. If you fail to get a gig on those platforms (as usually is for beginners), get direct clients, sharpen your skill and you’ll still be earning.

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