Book Review – The Wait: A Powerful Practice For Finding The Love Of Your Life And The Life You Love


The Wait: A Powerful Practice for Finding the Love of Your Life and the Life You Love, is an amazing book by Devon Franklin and Megan Good that delves into sensitive matters of the heart in the most practical way possible. The power couple has discussed their journey in finding love in an open and vulnerable way, leaving nothing under the rug.

Long before they met, each of them had decided to take the celibacy vow for different reasons. In the book, they take turns to give their personal experiences, which allow both the male and the female reader to relate.

This is a powerful guide to celibacy in modern times. They do not dwell so much on questioning Christian principles or the moral standards in society today regarding sex. Any reader looking for encouragement after a breakup, or planning to start pursuing celibacy will find this book inspirational and encouraging.

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This book will be best for singles who are looking to:

  1. Get over a break-up, let go and heal

After a bad break-up, most people will opt to read books to distract them. This book is perfect for anyone who wants to find closure. Megan and DeVon’s experiences will show you that it gets better and after all that, it’s possible to find a good partner.

They give the signs that you are likely to receive from God, when it is time to wait, including the painful break-ups, mental or emotional exhaustion, purposelessness and lack of internal peace. They say that,

“He will send you signs that it is time to slow down, quiet your mind and work on yourself while He labors on your behalf. But it’s up to you to read the signs that it’s time to wait.”


  1. Gain Clarity while choosing the next partner

As you read this book, you will find the ‘The Wait’ as a tool to gain clarity before getting into the next commitment. You will recognize how much you need to forego instant gratification in order to know your partner better.

“To wait is to delay the temptation for instant gratification in relationships in order to get what you want in life and become the person you want to be.” They say at the beginning.

I learnt that strong relationships are not built only by emotions or sexual attraction.

  1. Grow in Career

DeVon, the CEO of Franklin Entertainment and former Sony Pictures executive and Meagan, an award-winning actress, both demonstrate how their careers shot up after they practised ‘The Wait’. According to the book, ‘The wait’ is not just about delaying sexual gratification but also waiting in other areas of your life such as career, finances and in dating.

  1. Wait until Marriage

People who really want to wait to have sex until marriage still exist. There is a second category of people who have “fallen” a couple of times and want to re-start their journey into celibacy. This book does not offer an easy way out but instead offers practical advice on being strong on the decision to stay celibate.

I found this quite different from the type of celibacy I was taught in church. In an understanding way, they give logical reasons as to why one should wait through their personal experiences and also other people’s experiences.

  1. Fix their relationship with God

For many young Christian people, waiting has been a challenge and after having sex, some feel so guilty that their relationship with God is affected. I did not know that Megan Good was a Christian, due to the gossip I had read about her in magazines while I was still a teen. But reading about her story, her struggles and her Christianity, it was inspiring to know that one can still get up after falling, as the Christians call it.

‘The wait ‘ is a way to shift the focus from ourselves towards God and the partner, better still as they put it,

“When we took sex off the table, our minds were clearer, our access to God was crisper and we were able to make better decisions in other important areas of our relationship that weren’t related to sex at all.”

This book is available on Amazon.

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