5 Easy Practices To Boost Your Mental Health


Have you been feeling tired lately? Perhaps a little drained or bored all the time?

Chances are you are not taking care of your mental health. You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to do this. Just a few minutes every day, and you will be feeling more lively and ready to take up any task. These are small prices to pay compared to coping with the mental health issues in the long run.

If you would like to boost your mental health, here are a few easy practices you could engage in:

1. Read or Listen to Something Motivational Everyday

Life can be challenging sometimes. You don’t want to wake up every other morning to another discouraging event. Reading an inspirational book or a post will help you battle negativity in your life by helping you deal positively with issues. Positive thinking will protect you from stress as you cope with your problem.

Create time, every day, best in the morning (before getting to work) and in the night (before going to sleep), to read or listen to something motivational. You can subscribe to magazines, blogs or podcasts that speak positivity so that you are able to listen to them as soon as they are released or published.

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2. Get out of your comfort zone

Many people have self-limiting behaviour, such that they are only able to give mediocre performance at work. This should not be the case. Whenever the thought “I can’t” comes to mind, challenge it and prove yourself wrong.

Break the monotony and attempt new tasks in your daily tasks. In whatever field you may be in, ensure that you push yourself to do something exciting in order to stimulate your brain. Add a new technique to your study schedule or exercise and you’ll be amazed by the results

3. Surround yourself with positive vibes

Monitor the people and the situations around you. It is easy to pick up a bad habit or a poor mind-set from the people you associate with. If there’s anything bringing emotional torment, manage it. Ensure that you surround yourself with people who appreciate you and the work you do. Avoid negative people at all costs. Supportive people will empower you to do better, while non-supportive people will drain all your energy reservoirs.

4. Tune up your belief system every day

Every day, repeat positive things to yourself. Reaffirm your faith in yourself, your workers, family and in the achievement of your goals. While writing in your journal, be positive that you are going to make it.

In the same way, repeat positive words whenever you see your image in the mirror.

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5. Take care of your body

You are what you eat. Apart from ensuring that your diet is well-balanced, consume the foods that are good for the brain; for example, those containing Omega 3, fatty acids and vitamins. As we are always told, avoid junk food and oily food as much as possible. Anything that alters the functions of your brain, such as cigarettes and alcohol should also be limited.

Ensure that you take enough water every day and get enough rest. Researchers have established a link between lack of sleep and stress. The vicious cycle works in such a way that stress impacts sleep, and lack of sleep influences stress. If you want more tips check out Top 20 ways on how to improve mental health and well being.

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