Travel: Kenya Airways Launches Direct Flights To Mauritius: Fun Facts About This Beautiful Island


Kenya Airways this week launched direct flights to Mauritius. The agreement between Kenya Airways and Air Mauritius will take effect from June 2018. Kenya Airways will then operate flights to Mauritius on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The Monday and Thursday flights are set to depart at 11.45 am while the Wednesday and Saturday flights are set to depart at 9.50 pm. The existing code agreement with Air Mauritius’ three weekly flights is however still applicable.

This new agreement can only work to boost the already flourishing business and leisure interactions between the two countries. This announcement comes a couple of weeks after Kenya Airways announced its direct daily non-stop flights from Nairobi to New York. So it will reinforce the attractiveness of Kenya Airways to the American Premium Leisure travellers. So, if you have been thinking of visiting Mauritius, this would be the perfect opportunity to book a ticket. But before you get there, here are a few interesting things you should know about Mauritius:


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  1. Its first christened name was Revis Islands.
  2. It is home to some of the world’s magnificent beaches. Since it is an Island, it has a number of amazing beaches such as Flicen Flac, Tamarin, and Pereybere etc.
  3. The national animal of Mauritius is The Dodo which is an extinct bird. The earlier settlers loved to hunt and eat the Dodo bird and its eggs so the bird’s numbers quickly dwindled. The last bird was killed in 1681.
  4. It is the only African country to have the Hindu faith as the major religion. The Island is filled with people from all races and all religions. However, Hinduism is the most dominant, followed by Roman Catholics, the other Christian denominations then Muslims.
  5. The country is home to what is referred to as the 7 coloured earths– In Chamarel on the southeast part of the island are geological formations of seven colours of sand that settle in different layers giving the dunes a striped They serve as a great tourist attraction.
  6. They have the famous Sega dance which originated from the slave population of Mauritius. Today the dancers who perform the folk song, move their entire bodies without moving their feet.
  7. Mauritius has absolutely no wild animals. The closest to getting attacked by a wild animal you can get is by getting bitten by a non-poisonous snake.
  8. The coral reefs around the surrounding lagoons are the third largest in the world. These coral reefs protect the island from the open seas. The keep the temperature cool which in turn protects the residents from Sharks or jellyfish.
  9. Their official language is English. However, the language of communication largely used is French. They also speak Bhojpuri, Creole.
  10. Lewis Carrol, a well-known author who is said to have been inspired by the Dodo bird when he wrote ‘Alice in Wonderland’ in 1985.
  11. The Island has one of the most colourful national flags in the world. The flag’s colours are; red which symbolizes Suberbe Flamboyant tree, blue which symbolizes The Indian Ocean, yellow which represents the light of independence and sunshine, and green which represents the island’s vegetation.
  12. Among the developing countries, it has the highest life expectancy which is at 73 years of age.
  13. The Grand Ba is the best place to check out for some tourist fun such as restaurants, nightlife, and late night fun.
  14. The Island is home to the oldest botanical garden– The garden which was set up in the French period in the 18th century contains vegetables, flowers, and spices from all over the world.
  15. Football is their favourite sport and their national team even participates in the Africa Cup of Nations Tour.

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