5 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Introverts


Figuring out our personalities plays a big role in knowing who we are. It allows us to understand ourselves more which is vital as we transverse through life. There are mainly two types of personalities; extroverts and introverts. The main difference between these two personalities is that extroverts thrive in situations that involve a lot of people while introverts prefer to keep to themselves. Ambiverts are people who lie on both spectrums.

Extroverts tend to take the lead in many areas since social interaction is a plus in most sectors. However, do not be quick to write off introverts just yet. In their quiet and reserved manner, there is a lot one can take away from them.

It is important to take time off to ourselves

Many people may think that spending time alone can be lonely. However, introverts love to keep away from large crowds and concentrate on themselves. Taking time for yourself gives you the chance to know yourself a little more. Solitude allows you to figure out your voice. When you are in a group, you may be likely to go along with what the others are doing. You are also able to concentrate on your activities more thus you can be more productive.

Listen more, talk less

Introverts barely talk, especially in large groups. They spend most of their time listening to the other people’s opinions and only contribute when they think it is absolutely necessary. This means they take are great listeners. Proactive listening allows you to completely absorb what the other person is saying rather than responding for the sake of it. You will also find that most extroverts tend to be very passionate about their beliefs and opinions and if they fail to listen to other people’s opinions carefully, they fail to be open-minded and may be very rigid in their arguments.

Inspiration can come from within

Introverts find inspiration from spending time with themselves. They explore their thoughts and feelings in a bid to come up with solutions. They quietly observe the world from a distance and come up with new ways of doing things. One can be inspired by different things in life; interaction with other people or even being gaining motivation from another person’s story. However, studies have shown that the difference between intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation is that inspiration that comes from within causes you to be more committed to a task. You are more likely to stick to a task, do it to the best of your ability if the idea initially originated from you.

Less is more

When introverts go to a social gathering, they avoid scenes where large crowds are gathered. They would prefer to stay on the sidelines and socialize with a chosen few. While it is true that extroverts end up connecting to a lot of people all at once, one should ask themselves the quality of those interactions. Choosing to interact with a few people like introverts do strengthens the quality of your connections. It allows you to make more meaningful and deeper relationships as opposed to talking to 10 people all at once. You are able to share ideas, thoughts, and opinions more easily rather than compete for chances to contribute in large groups.

Take your time

When it comes to decision making, introverts will take their time. They will observe, analyze and evaluate all options before they make up their mind. This allows them to navigate through all the hoops which come with every decision. As much as it may be easier to just make quick decisions, sometimes it is important to take a step back and analyze the situation. Listen to all parties concerned, weigh your options then make the decision. The trick is to learn to watch before you make decisions rather than observe as you make decisions.

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