Entertainment: Let Your Voice Be Heard At These Great Karaoke Spots


I love singing. I sing while I’m cleaning, walking, in the shower and even when I’m working. Heck! I’m singing right now. But that doesn’t qualify me to go and release a new single tomorrow. As a matter of fact, very few people ever do get to hear me sing.

If you’re anything like me and can’t sing in front of your friends lest they judge you, and make it their agenda to mimic and parody your ‘talent’, then karaoke is for you. In a karaoke setting, you get to sing the song of your choice to a crowd you will most likely never see again. Granted, you might be with your friends, but since most karaoke are found in clubs, your friends will either be too wasted to remember anything, or they will do something more embarrassing that you will have leverage against them, if you’re lucky, it could be both. Let’s get down to it, here are the best spots to enjoy Karaoke in Nairobi and its environs.


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To make it easier for you, we’ve arranged them by days.


  • Tribeka

Dubbed as the ‘gateway to Nairobi nightlife,’ Tribeka has set a niche for itself in the entertainment industry. You can visit the club every Monday from 7 pm and dance the blues away. Tribeka is located on Banda Street, right at the heart of the city.

  • Club Zodiak

Known for its well-furnished interior, Club Zodiak is another spot you can let loose on Monday from 6 pm. The winner gets to walk away with a KES 3000 voucher while the runner-up gets a KES 2000 voucher.


  • Hip-hop Karaoke

If you’re into hip-hop, then this is your jam (or is it your rap?). Get your rap game ready as you go head to head with other rappers. The event happens every first Tuesday of the month, and the venue is usually communicated a few weeks to the event.

  • Cubano Sports Bar

We did say Nairobi and its environs, or maybe we should have included Diaspora. Cubano is located in Rongai and hosts a video karaoke night every Tuesday starting from 7 pm. The bar sits on Stedmark Road, off Magadi Road.


Oh yes its ladies night, and the feeling’s right…

  • AquaBlu Club

Grab your ladies and drag them to AquaBlu on Woodvale Grove, Westlands. Every singer gets free shots as well as great drink offers for the entourage.

  • Sirville Brewery

This serene yet wild atmosphere is just what you need to help you get in the groove. It is hosted every Friday at Galeria, Karen, and the first 20 ladies get free cocktails while singers get free shots.


  • Buddha bar

Hosted by Sanaipei Tande, you get to spend your Thursday throwback with great tunes from yesteryears. Buddha Bar is located at Delta Towers in Westlands. Participants and winners get to walk away with a range of gifts and prices.


  • Club Hypnotica

End the week on a high note – no pun intended, with the Club Hypnotica charity Karaoke. For every person who sings, the club donates KES 200 to charity. The club is located on Woodvale Grove, Westlands.

As you may have noticed, we have skipped Fridays and Saturdays. That’s because most weekends are left open as that’s when the masses come out to have a good time. Remember to enjoy yourself, and it wouldn’t hurt to practice the song you’re planning to sing.

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