4 Tips To Ensure That FOMO Does Not Rule Your Life


FOMO is described as the fear of missing out. It is simply the fear that something great is happening and you are not apart of it. It is basically the complete opposite of YOLO. I know, I know, these abbreviations will be the death of us. As much as we would all love to deny this, we have all experienced a case of FOMO in one way or another. The girls trip you did not take, the party you did not go to, the lifestyle you do not live. Constantly feeling like you have been left behind and missing out on a bunch of great things.

As you grow up, you and your friends will not grow at the same pace. Your lifestyles maybe a little bit different and you may feel like you are missing out on a great deal. You may even find yourself comparing your life with another person’s life. Then just when you are feeling super crappy about your life, you will decide to make things worse and head on over to social media- the mother of all FOMO causes. Social media has been known to make FOMO worse. If you were not feeling terrible before, social media will ensure that you feel terrible now. So what do we do to keep FOMO at bay?


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Practice Gratitude

I know this may sound really corny but It does work. A lot of time when we experience FOMO, it is based on desiring things or lives we do not have. Learn to be grateful for what you already have. Some people even write down gratitude lists on a daily basis. This will allow you to focus on what really matters. Focusing on what we do not have as opposed to what we do have blinds us to how blessed and lucky we are. We fail to see the greatness in the lives we already live now.

Focus on your goals/targets

FOMO is built on the idea of looking at others’ lives and feeling that you should be doing/having what they have. Focusing on other people is where it all starts. We have to live together with other people in harmony but we all have different paths in life. We are all expected to do different things with our lives. Wanting to live the glamorous life your friend has will never make you become them. Learn to accept and be confident in your chosen path and pursue it relentlessly. Keep your eye on the prize and you will not have to worry about other people’s prizes.

Limit your social media usage

If I had a dollar for every time I have heard the statement that ‘social media is depressing’ I would be loaded. This is the usual drill. They get onto social media, they see their friends doing the coolest things, going for vacations, going to parties or simply having fun. By the time they are done with social media, they are basically depressed. The idea that grass is greener on the other side is not always true. Social media are specific moments which depict a fraction of the real picture. So do not covet what you are not sure you want. As is said, be careful what you wish for.

Invest in your relationships

Prioritize the relationships that mean a lot to you. When we look at it from a reasonable point of view quality relationships and bonds are more important than just property and experiences. Cultivating such relationships allow us to feel fulfilled which is a great solution to feeling FOMO all the time.

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