Ladies Here Are 4 Ways To Be Happily Single On Valentine’s Day


February. There isn’t any worse time to be a single lady, Valentine’s Day is almost here, and the mushy memes are already assaulting our eyes on social media. Single men have soccer fixtures and most are not bothered by this day anyway. For single women, it is hard to ignore. You could choose to drink yourself silly, sulk all day or angrily batter a piñata with your ex-boyfriend’s face. Either that or you could choose to own the day and make it the best of your single days.

Here are a couple of ideas to help with the latter:

  1. Do whatever you need to do

Let’s get real. Valentine’s Day is not going to pay your bills. If you are self-employed, you need to get to work and earn your bread. If you are employed, your boss still requires you to deliver. Those at school please don’t skip classes.  Do not get carried away by the euphoria or in this case, the feeling of being left out.

This could be a day to appreciate the far you have come as a single woman and review your love-life goals. Getting that kind of clarity will help you focus on the tasks-at-hand and accomplish them successfully.

  1. Be grateful for the things you can do while single

Being single has its upside. In most cases, it does not mean that you have no love life. In fact, many single women choose not to commit to a relationship until they are sure about the guy. Being in a relationship does not necessarily mean that one is happy or fulfilled.

Be grateful that you have lesser drama and are not in an unhealthy relationship. You can make a list of the things that you are grateful for and thank God for them. Love for most people comes when they least expect it; enjoy your single life while you still can.


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 3. Celebrate something else other than Valentine’s Day on 14th February

Did you know that 14th February is also the National Organ Donor Day in the US?  It could also be a friend’s or a relative’s birthday.

If it is hurtful to think about love at this time, shift your focus to other celebrations. Focus on appreciating somebody else who has been there for you. You could take time to volunteer in a home or take care of a sick person on that day. If you have friends who are happily in love, ensure that you give them best wishes and if you are feeling generous, send them a gift card or get them a couples massage. You could also cater for your parent’s dinner and make it as special as you can, for them.

Wouldn’t that be fulfilling?

  1. Plan ahead

If you want to make the best out of Valentine’s Day, that is, if it really matters to you, then you’ll need to plan early.  From your finances to communicating with your boss and friends- Planning in advance is necessary. If you want to meet up with your single girlfriends, you need to alert them and make the proper arrangements for the movies or the events that you’d like to attend. Perhaps you could invite single guy friends to join and hang out. This might end up being one of the most amazing days of your single life.

Most importantly, be yourself. Whether it is art, writing, poetry, partying or charity, all that matters is that you enjoy the activity.

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