Technology: Why You Need To Back Up Your Phone


Data loss is something we have to consider, even though we hope and pray that it won’t happen to us. It can be through negligent incidents, accidents,  or theft of our smartphones or computers. In this time and age, our phones have capabilities of storing a lot of data. These capabilities have been integrated with various apps that perform some processes in the background called “data-mining.” This opens up a Pandora’s Box that scales to the legal action and regulations within Data Privacy and 3rd Parties. Anyway, this is not the point here.

So let’s say you lose your phone today, what will you do?

First and foremost, security issues come to our minds. We will probably go to the mobile shop and replace our sim accounts. So now you’re not offline for your customers, friends and family. But what about all the info you had stored on your phone? Well for some, losing their contacts will only be a critical issue and they’ll be willing to give up the rest of the data. But for some, the stakes are too high in this scenario.

To save yo all the stress and worry over who is handling your data and what he/she/they may be up to, you need to backup your device.

Most of our phones use Android Operating System. The good about this is apart from being an open source operating system, it comes preloaded with Google backup tools. Tools such as Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Contacts, among other Google products. These tools have the ability to store your data virtually in the cloud.

Watch here– How to Backup Android Phone 2017 [COMPLETE Backup]

As long as you have a Google account, you’re all set. The rest of the work is just to do some confirmation checks and have your device online. There are other 3rd party apps that also do the same. Some may claim that they’re good but the issue that comes up is data security.

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5 Reasons to Backup your data

  1. Theft

Many of us know somebody who has been robbed of their phone or had it stolen in a matatu or other place. Now imagine if you had some very important data on your phone then you lose your phone! Some of the data you have on your phone is really important and you could lose it in an instant, especially pictures.

  1. Hardware Failure

This has got to be the most common form of phone failure among phone users in the world today. Of course, every gadget has got a life cycle and sometimes your phone can just go off without a warning. If you are an avid phone user who has documents and important contacts stored on your phone, then you should be wary of losing your data through this form of failure.

  1. Malicious Attack

The computer world paradigm shifts have not been without the spread of malicious attacks that have steadily increased over a period of time. Malicious attacks usually take the form of software attacks in and phones are not safe from such attacks. Some attacks can cripple the OS functionalities leaving you with no choice but to install a new OS-meaning that you will end up losing some very important stuff on your phone.

  1. Lose of Data By Mistake

Humans are not perfect and it is normal for us to make mistakes-mistakes like deleting a file, contacts etc. without intending to and this can happen anytime. The problem is data is like currency and such mistakes could end up haunting you. So, this is something you should be looking to avoid through phone backups.

  1. Quick Recovery Times

The beauty of backing up your data is the fact that the recovery times in case of any failure is usually very easy to cope with. On contrary, the hustle of recovering from data loss without a backup is not something anyone with vital information on his or her phone would want to go through.

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