Relationships: 5 Date Night Ideas To Try Out


When in a relationship, it is easy to find yourself stuck in the same old routines especially when it comes to planning your date nights. A simple dinner as you talk about your day is often the norm when it comes to date night. Well looking at it objectively, after a long day at work, all you want is to sit down and have a meal with your spouse. However, it is also very important to keep things fun and exciting even with the day to day activities that may exhaust you. Here are a simple date night ideas that you can use to switch up things a little.


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Game Night

Allow your childlike sense of fun to come out. Instead of going out, you can both choose to stay home, get into your most comfy clothes and play some games. This can include board games, Jenga, video games etc. It allows both of you to let out some steam and also gives you the chance to bond as you play the games. The great thing about this option is that it works even for double dates. In case you are having a couple over, you can have fun with them as well.

Cooking class

You should both sign up for a cooking lesson in the evening.  It will be a great opportunity to have fun together as you learn how to prepare a new dish. The joy that comes from all of the blunders and screw-ups is something you can both laugh off. Make new memories as you pick up some new skills. You never know, both of you can use these skills sometime in the future.

Dancing Class

Another class you can both try out is a dancing class. It does not matter if you both have two left feet. Try it out just for the experience. Dancing not only bonds you but it can also serve as a way to have fun and keep fit. You can sign up for pole dancing classes, salsa dancing, belly dancing etc. You can both show off the skills you have learnt even later while in the house.

Watch a play

Notice that I did not say ‘watch a movie’. Make it a point to actively look for plays you can both enjoy. In Nairobi, there are always numerous plays in the places such as Alliance Franchise. The difference between a play and a movie is that the audience is actively involved in a play. There is more interaction between people during a play as opposed to a movie. Both of you can enjoy the theatricality as you find joy in the humour.

Trivia Night

If you do not want to stay indoors but still want to take part in playing games, then this is for you. Visit a club that offers trivia night. You can either go with other people to form a team, just find some new friends there or invite another couple as a double date. It is said that couples who spend time with other couples are likely to be happier.

Use these options to break out of the norm and try something new.

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