Hair: Darling Launches Premium ‘Elegant Braid’ – Here’s Why You Need To Try It



The launch of Darling’s Premium braid is timely, as many Kenyans are becoming more aware and concerned about the health of their hair. It is no longer all about looking and feeling good, but about using the products that suit the nature of African hair.

With extensive research and commitment to meeting customer needs, Darling launched the Elegant Braid. This braid is crafted with light-weight fibre that guarantees lasting sheen and flexibility in styling options.

Darling Kenya is East Africa’s leading hair extensions manufacturer with operations across 14 countries in Africa. It’s the market leader for a range of products including braids, synthetic weaves, wigs and crochets.

The new Elegant braid will offer the Kenyan woman more delight by caring for her hair in the following ways:

  1. Protecting your hairline

Ever walked out of a salon feeling like you’re carrying too much on your head and are afraid that your neck could break anytime? Long gone are the days when we associated pain with beauty.

Consumers are becoming smarter and more aware of best practices for hair care. Applying excess heat around the hairline and getting the braids tightly done are forms of valueless pain that should be avoided. Using bulky braids is another great cause for receding hair lines, especially for the weak hair around the edges.

The Elegant braid feels much lighter and your hairline will thank you.


  1. Maintaining your natural hair

A decade ago, more Kenyan women would have preferred to have their hair relaxed or with a blow-out. With recent awareness of maintaining natural hair, tables are turning and many are opting for protective styling.

Heavy braids, instead of protecting your hair by retaining hair length, will likely cause traction alopecia (hair loss caused by pulling force being applied to the hair). The benefit of using the light Elegant Braid for Kenyan naturalists is that the true purpose of protective styling will be realized.


  1. Maintaining your simplicity, elegance or both

As the Kenyan woman becomes more dynamic in her sense of style and fashion, brands need to meet her changing needs. During the launch, Darling Kenya Marketing Manager, Victoria Kieti-Chesire, mentioned that the Kenyan woman wants the brands to understand her, her aspirations, dreams, challenges and fears.

“She is increasingly fashion-forward and hence braids must fulfil her fashion aspirations but still remain fun, simple and easy to manage,” she said.

The Elegant Braid is for the woman who is busy but wants to look good. It is also for the vibrant campus girl who wants to explore style and hot-water curls.


  1. Empowering your hair stylist

Through its market shares and quality products, the brand promotes better means to meet the clients’ needs. To satisfy a customer, quality products from manufacturers and great service from stylists are essential.

At the launch, Dan Nduru of Daniella’s Salon and Spa strongly felt that the Elegant braid would enable them to deliver great hair, value and service to customers.

“As a salon, we are excited by Darling’s investment in a high-end hair extension. We appreciate that Darling shares our vision and values to deliver the best quality products and services to meet the needs of our consumers.”


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