Run For Wildlife Conservation In Lewa And The Forgotten Communities At The Safaricom Marathon


On dust trails curved within the wild plains and hills of Lewa, runners from all over the world gather annually for a special purpose. All, from elite world veterans like Eliud Kipchoge to amateur runners and walkers, attend this special event.  You’ll find special gems such as the talented Henry Wanyoike whose lack of physical sight does not stop him from supporting others.   All come together to support wildlife conservation and the people in remote communities.

It’s that time of the year again!  Safaricom, Tusk Trust and the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy have finally launched the much-awaited Safaricom Marathon. It’s the time to get fit, have fun and do something noble.

The 19th  edition of the Safaricom Marathon has been launched with the goal to raise awareness on various projects and communities that have benefitted from the efforts made in the past years. So far, having involved up to 13000 runners from around the globe, over KES 675 million has been raised and geared towards community development and wildlife conservation.


From left: Safaricom, Director, strategy Joe Ogutu, 3rd in charge of anti poaching Ranger, Joseph Piroris, Francisca Apua and CEO, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Mike Watson have a conversation during the launch of Lewa Marathon 2018 at Michael Joseph Centre. (Photo – Courtesy of Safaricom)

Run for Nature and wildlife conservation

There’s no better way to contribute to conservation than through giving support to programs already on the ground. Creating awareness alone cannot yield the intended results.

Through the funds raised, the Safaricom Marathon supports men and women who commit their lives to selflessly care for species at the brink of extinction including the Black Rhino, Grevy’s Zebra, Leatherjack Turtle and the Mountain Bongo.

These highly endangered species have been protected under various projects including: Lewa Conservancy, Northern Rangelands Trust, Mt. Kenya Trust, Ngare Ndare Forest Trust, Space for Giants, Koiyaki Guide School, Olare Orok Conservation Trust, Lamu Marine Conservation Trust, Watamu Turtle Watch, Bongo Surveillance Project, Kibodo Trust, Tsavo Trust, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Big Life Foundation and Borana Conservancy.

Run to support the local Communities

The Safaricom Marathon not only gives hope to the local community but also actively secures a better future by funding for community development programs. During the launch, Mike Watson, CEO Lewa Conservancy felt that their progress is something they could all be proud of.

The marathon’s phenomenal impact is far reaching across Kenya and the awareness it raises for our benefices’ projects spans across the globe, an achievement that everyone at Safaricom, Lewa and Tusk Trust is tremendously proud of. We have proven that when we run together we can protect our future,” said Mike Watson, CEO Lewa Conservancy during the launch.

Funds from the marathon have brought better access to healthcare such as maternal and child care. Kids from extremely humble backgrounds and orphans have received access to education through these efforts. Economic empowerment and the much-needed employment are also supported by the funds raised in this marathon.

Run to make a difference

Imagine being part of positive change when everyone else keeps talking about problems and how the world is coming to an end. Getting to see your effort bearing fruit, even if all you did was have fun at a really awesome event.  Yes, this is what it’s all about.

We can continue to talk about endangered species and carry banners every day or actually save them by supporting conservation projects. There’s a passive option of feeling pity and praying for the underprivileged and remote communities or actively changing their lives by promoting better education, healthcare and creating employment opportunities.

Enter the Safaricom marathon by registering at  The event will be held on Saturday 30th June 2018.  Let your Kids (10-14) and teens (15-17) participate in the 5KM Children’s Fun Run. Adults, teams and corporates have the opportunity to either run the half marathon (21KM) or the full marathon (42KM).

You can follow the #SafaricomMarathon on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter to get updates and socialize with awesome people.

Where do the Safaricom Marathon funds go? The funds go towards different projects including education.  How Lewa Conservancy Uses Funds For Education

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